BVH crowned at Homecoming game

BVH comes out with a high scoring duel 32-37 against Otay Ranch


William Maywood

After catching the pass, sophomore and wide receiver Marcos Pena drags Olympian High School’s (OHS) linebacker and a defensive with him to bring the ball within inches of the goal line.

William Maywood, Section Editor

On Oct. 28, the 2022-23 Homecoming football game took place against Otay Ranch High (ORH). It was a fantastic high scoring game with Bonita Vista High (BVH) outlasting ORH to take home the win. It was a big event as it was the final game of the regular season and BVH’s homecoming King and Queen was announced at half time.

To start the game off, BVH receives the ball and runs it back for a medium gain. BVH on the first play from scrimmage senior and QuarterBack (QB) Juan Manuel hit sophomore Marcos Pena for a 20 yard gain down the sideline. It was followed immediately on the next play by an interception which ORH ran back. After two plays, ORH ran it in for the touchdown, 7-0 ORH. BVH immediately with slot wide receiver and senior Isaiah Chapell returning the kickoff 45 yards to just pass midfield. Chapell and running back and junior Caden Ada-Tannehill were important contributors to this drive with several catches and runs each. 

“I think we had a great week of practice. Like team morale was high energy, we knew going into this like for the seniors was probably their last game possible to ever play football. So we really were just motivated to get that win,” Chapell said.

After bringing the ball, it was given to wide receiver and senior Dante Herrero who ran it in from the one yard line, though BVH missed the PAT (point after touchdown), 7-6. The second drive for ORH was killed by low snaps and then an eventual turnover on downs. The next drive for BVH saw efficient use of pitches and reverses. Chapell had another big play, catching a screen pass with big YAC(yards after catch) yards. Herrero punched the ball in, BVH takes the lead and the PAT brought the score to 13-7.

“I had two really good plays where I couldn’t get all the way to the endzone. I ended up at the one yard line and he [Herrero] punched in it for the touchdown. I have no problem with that,” Chapell said. “Being stopped at the one definitely not ideal, but if I can send my teammates off for their own success, I’m willing to share it as long as it means a good team win.”

On their next drive, ORH focused on having the QB break out of the pocket and carry the ball downfield number 22 for ORH had another big run and Kenyan Burnett ran the ball in for the touchdown and with the PAT they took the lead 13-14. On BVH’s next drive a short kickoff by ORH and a plethora of penalties called on ORH helps BVH move the ball downfield really quickly,Manuel scores the touchdown on a QB sneak. BVH went for the two point conversion, it was no good which brought the score to 19-14 with 26.3 seconds left in the half. ORH also had a really quick drive and tried to push the ball downfield but Pena deflected to prevent a touchdown bringing it to half time.

“One of the things we wanted the kids to do this week is to not play up tight, kind of let things flow and let within the confines of what we do,” Head football coach and Athletic Director Tyler Arciaga said. “It’s not streetball or anything else, but relax and have some fun out there; it showed with the kids doing that today. I think the kids did a nice job of prepping and having a decent week [of] practice and being focused today.”

At halftime, after a Halloween themed talent show performed by BVH’s dance team Get to the Pointe , the Homecoming court was introduced to a fireworks display and personal recorded messages dedicated to their friends and families over the loudspeakers. Chapell and senior Maria Coronado ended up winning Homecoming King and Queen.

“Being named Prince initially going into the week, I wasn’t really focused on that as much as I was on the game, winning my senior night was my intended focus,” Chapell said. “But coming out of halftime and after being crowned king and seeing all the support from our teammates really hyped me up to play better second half.”

ORH received the second half kickoff and started with a long run to start their drive. Though later a holding penalty set ORH back and defensive back and junior Aidan Cram eventually sacked the QB to force a turnover on downs. When BVH got the ball back after the passing game ate up yards, the running back Ada-Tannehill ran the ball in; however, the PAT was no good, 25-14. One of the key defenders, defensive lineman and junior Titan Mikaele said team morale was good, as they were leading and in a good position.

“Coming into this, we honestly didn’t think we were gonna win. And then after the first half being up, kind of went from there and were able to finish,” Mikaele said.

Upon kickoff after receiving the ball ORH fumbles the ball, BVH recovers and after some subsequent plays Dante Scott scores, after the PAT the score was 32-14, ending the third quarter. At the start of the fourth quarter, ORH drove the ball downfield but after a false start and a bad snap, defensive back and senior David Kabongo takes a big hit to ensure a turnover on downs, however BVH followed that with a three and out. ORH returned the BVH punt for 50 yards into the red zone and 22, ORH ran it into the endzone for the score, the PAT was no good bringing the score to 32-20. After that ORH tried an onside kick which BVH jumped on top and recovered. 

“I think this game they played with emotion, they played together and the offensive defense complemented each other,”Arciaga said. “Guys were keeping each other up. This game was probably our best example of playing as one and things got a little dicey there at the end. They really believed in each other and ultimately, playing as one I think was the big difference here.”

However, BVH had another three and out followed by a shanked punt giving the ORH football team great field positioning. Burnett for ORH had a 20 yard catch which was followed by a touchdown by number 1 of ORH, with the PAT making the score to 32-27. BVH gets the ball back, but was forced to punt again. After a holding call and a sack by Mikaele. ORH had one last play but was stopped short of the line to gain and BVH took home the win. 

“It was great for the seniors to end their regular season on such a high note, homecoming is always our biggest crowd and to play some of our best football all year in front of our biggest crowd, I thought it was great,” Arciaga said. “[The game] was a tribute to the seniors and always wanting to send the seniors out because for most of these kids, high school football is a terminal experience. Most kids won’t ever put on a helmet and shoulder pads ever again.”

This is the final regular season game for this year’s seniors and they were able to leave on a high note. They were glad to be able to play with their teammates one last time, who they have become so close to over the years. 

“I wouldn’t rather do this with anybody else or any other group of guys. I love these guys, they’re my brothers.  It was a great season overall, in terms of bonding and everything like that. There were a lot of emotions after the end of the game,” Chapell said. “I knew for me it was probably the last time I would ever play football. After that final zeroes, it was all emotion. I spent a lot of time, hard work, into the sport and for it to all just come to the end like that. It’s a really emotional thing.”