Athletes Speak

Read this issue’s Athlete’s Speak to learn about four different perspectives, from four different BVH student-athletes, about one topic. As the Padres season came to an end in the NLCS to the Phillies we ask BVH students: How do you feel about the padres advancement and eventual elimination in the playoffs?

Jay Gladney, Section Editor

Aidan Cram, Varsity Football Outside Linebacker

I was really happy until the [Padres] lost. Our biggest opponents were definitely the Dodgers. Everyone [fans] were hyped up for that and we ended up beating them. Then, we lost to the Phillies. Unfortunately, the last game was really close, but I think overall they had a good run-up to the playoffs.

Jessica Frazzini, Dance and Sound Unlimited

I personally think the [Padres] made some great progress. Even with some downs, they picked themselves back up. I think that they should be more confident in their playing and their movements and ignore any superstitions they may have that are holding them back.

Freddy Salceda, Varsity Boys Water Polo

I was actually surprised, but I was also really happy, yet heartbroken that the [Padres] lost to the Phillies. I think that maybe next season they’ll definitely take it to the World Series. Altogether, I’m pretty happy with the progression they’ve made this far.

Steven Perez Garegnani, Varisity Boys Water Polo

I feel like the Padres have done great about their progress throughout the playoffs. They played well against the Dodgers, although at times they had some close calls, they did well up to the point with the Phillies where they slipped up. I also think that they had a great run this year.