Revive the BVH spirit

Principal and faculty discuss what it means to be a Baron at BVH


Uriel Lopez

At Bonita Vista High (BVH) throughout the classrooms there are “BARON PRIDE” posters around. On Jan. 30, BVH junior Miguel Rodriguez inspects the old Baron Way poster.

Bonita Vista High (BVH) alumnus and principal Lee Romero recalls his education at BVH when the “Baron way” had made its presence. Although he attended BVH as a student 42 years ago, he hopes to bring back ideas that were once present. Seeking to bring back the “Baron way,” Romero and  faculty discuss a possible change with a blue “BARON PRIDE” poster that can be seen around in classrooms.

“After we [administration] did this exercise with the Baron way, a teacher sent [the poster] to somebody. Suddenly it came to me, someone did this a long time ago, but no one’s coined the Baron Pride,” said Romero. “No one talks about it and when I went to school here [around] 40 years ago, we talked about the Baron Way. All I am trying to do is bring that back because that’s always been my thing.”

The “BARON PRIDE” poster has been around for over 20 years, but can only be seen in classrooms that have been around ever since the introduction of the poster. Along with that, there has been new faculty over the years who have had no sight of what the poster is or what it means exactly.

“There’s only a few of them [posters] left around the campus, so it’s not something at the beginning of the year that I talk to my ninth graders about. I think revising it would have more teachers and students talking about what it is,” said psychology and geography teacher Laura Lowery.

Besides the poster being changed, there is so much more to it than the meaning. It helps bring school spirit on what it takes to be a Baron and how important school spirit is to BVH.

“I think coming back from the pandemic, a lot of students are lost, [questioning] what is the purpose of being in school sometimes, but also perhaps what it means to be a student at this school specifically,” dance teacher Christine Timmons said.

During the meeting, BVH faculty discussed what every letter in the poster would represent as well as the characteristics of a Baron through Jam Boards and discussion. 

“It’s good that we update and revisit what it means to be a Baron and the types of qualities and characteristics we want to see in our students. I think things like that should be revisited and keep them up to date and relevant,” said Lowery.

It’s good that we update and revisit what it means to be a Baron and the types of qualities and characteristics we want to see in our students,

— BVH psychology and geography teacher Laura Lowery

Students can reflect why they are here today and build on their character. Realizing that having certain attitudes throughout high school can help them as they grow and develop in the future. Faculty also emphasized on what is important to BVH and what qualities the faculty wants students to take with them as they leave high school.

“Being a Baron is really about having integrity in things that you do, [to] motivate yourself, contributing to society in a positive manner. There are so many things that are important, but I think as a school we want to instill some things [as] guidance on what [truly matters]. It’s not always about being successful; it’s about being a good person,” said Timmons.

Bringing back the “Baron way” holds a lot of sentimental value to Romero. Similar to the poster, the “Baron way” strives for students to do good things such as being kind, working hard and being respectful. He strives to make the “Baron way” his motto as a principal and hopes to connect with students at BVH.

“With the Baron way of being kind, some of the core values I have is being kind, doing the right thing, working hard, it’s all about character traits. Doing the right is to me what the Baron way is,” said Romero.