The end to an impactful season

BVH roller hockey loses 5-4 against PHS in CIF match


Angelina Ruckman

With possesion of the Ball BVH’s team captain and senior Noah Burke (9) looks to get a shot on goal vs Poway High School as he waits for a lane to open up. The team ended up loosing to Poway 5-4 in a very tight CIF Match.

Stephanie Lomeli, Podcast Manager

On Feb. 27, tension started to rise as the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) game began against Bonita Vista High’s (BVH) Co-Ed roller hockey team⁠ and Poway High School (PHS). With only minutes away from the first period of the game, spectators find the perfect seat with the best angles to watch the game from the bleachers.

Only a few minutes into the game the opposing team scores into BVH’s goal. However, BVH is able to quickly bounce back as offense and defense roller hockey sophomore Jacob Hunter (8) scores the first point. Roller hockey captain and senior Noah Burke (9) explains how his team went into this game with a plan and strived to stay on top of their defense. 

Our plan for the game today was to play hard and make sure our defense was strong and always having two backs. If we don’t have good defense and we’re just by ourselves it’s harder to shoot at our goal,” Burke said. 

Although Burke’s goal was to always have two blocks and have as good a defense as BVH could, this was very difficult since PHS was constantly scoring points against BVH. The score going into the third period tied at three to three.

I was anxious before the game started but once you get in the role, it’s all good. I need to remember to stay back on defense and if any shot opens up, take it,” offense and defense roller hockey senior Brady Murphy (16) said. 

BVH went into the game against PHS being undefeated this season and were expecting to leave undefeated. However they were faced with intense competition and lost against PHS with a score of 4-5. Winger and sophomore Jacob Hunter (8) explains how it was a close but a tough loss for the team. 

“I am really disappointed in myself. I know we could have won the game. I could’ve played better myself, and I definitely could have scored a few more goals,” Hunter said.

Roller hockey members expected this game to be a close one but the challenging opposition didn’t stop the players from giving the game their all. Burke explains how regardless of the loss, the team did a great job getting as far as they did in CIF.

“I feel like we did really well because the competition is in the South Bay. We don’t really often get a challenge too much but this game was a very good challenge. I think we played very well and I’m happy to hopefully see BVH succeed next year,” Burke said.

Although BVH did not win this game, the team members see it as more room for improvement. Hunter has noticed significant improvement with Murphy, a senior Roller Hockey player. 

“Huge improvement, Murphy is a big guy and probably improved the most out here. He wasn’t amazing at skating. Now he’s like a genuine goal scorer too. But it’s too bad he’s a senior and has to go now,” Hunter said. 

Hunter will be missing the seniors that are leaving since this was their last season before they graduate. Some served as a mentor and guidance for him in his high school roller hockey journey.

“Man, it sucks that they are leaving. They mentored me. You know, I used to be a hot headed kid. I really cooled down so they really are my people,” Hunter said.

Similar to the sophomore player Hunter, the senior players are also sad to see the season end and feel a family-like connection with all the roller hockey members. The outcome of today’s game was tough on the players given it was their end to the season. 

“Our team’s reaction to tonight’s outcome was happy and sad because we had a great season. Everyone is like my family and I’m sad to see it end,” Burke said

Losing to PHS was difficult for Murphy and BVH as a whole. This loss is taken as a learning experience and a reflection on how their season was a very successful one. 

“It was really hard if I sat there in their half for a second just taking it in and thinking about what just happened. It was a hard loss but it was a good game and a good season,” Murphy emphasized.

Murphy was able to reflect on how he was a prominent player in his team, playing an important role and he was able to have a good season with many assists and many goals as well. 

“I did really well this season, which was really fun. I actually got a lot of goals, a lot of assists from the new players and all the new guys were really fun to play with,” Murphy said. “Just good team spirit that made it fun to play every game.”

Seniors Murphy and Burke both recommend students from BVH join the Co-Ed roller hockey team for the following years⁠. They both think it’s a fun sport and students shouldn’t be afraid to get their feet wet in new sports. 

Don’t be afraid of your high school experience, you only get one shot. So just come out here and try it. If you don’t like it, it’s okay. But I always loved it and I would have never done anything else,” Burke said. “It’s co-ed so everybody can come out and just have some fun and get some new friends. I would very much recommend it.”