BVH Barons bear a Homecoming loss against Steele Canyon High School

Adam Benchekroun, Staff Writer

Adam Benchekroun
Quarterback, senior Christopher Kane (10), and center, junior Sean Murphy (70), practice snapping the ball on the sideline during halftime at the Southwestern College field. In the background “Let’s Go Barons!” is hung where it could be seen by players and audience members.

This year’s much anticipated Homecoming game saw Steele Canyon High School go up against the Bonita Vista High varsity football team. The stands, laden with students and parents alike, were full, and had a frenzied sensation. The Barons fell short to Steele Canyon with a final score of 28-0, now leaving them with a record of two wins and two losses. 

Although the Barons did not come out with a win, BVH Coach Sam Kirkland III felt the team had a lot of positive moments in Friday’s game. 

“I’m pleased with the output, obviously a little disappointed with the outcome. I think we have some things that we need to work on but we are close. That goes for all 3 phases of the game. I saw a lot of positives on the offensive side of the ball. We had some great drives that we sustained but we just didn’t finish. Defensively, we had another takeaway this week which is great. We had some good three-and-outs, we made some plays, just not enough,” Kirkland said. 

The team’s moments of success during the game included wide receiver and defensive back, senior Tony Cornejo (2), having two consecutive first down catches from quarterback and senior Christopher Kane (10) midway through the third quarter. Followed by two more consecutive completed passes from Kane. 

“We rushed all the way to the red zone, within the 10 yard line and got stopped,” Cornejo said. 

This was the story of the night as the Barons had many strong drives and made it to the red zone on multiple occasions, yet, they found their efforts repeatedly thwarted by Steele Canyon. Defensive end, junior John Locke (57), felt the team failed to concentrate when in the red zone. 

“We had opportunities to succeed in the game but we made small errors that really cost us. We got stopped at the ten yard line a couple times. Just small errors that we need to work on at practice this next week,” Locke said. 

The game reached a stalemate at times and both teams found themselves trading possessions, especially during the second half. The Barons still continued to make several drives downfield. 

“I can say we didn’t give up, we came out strong, no one is hurt, we kept our heads up and just didn’t give up,” Cornejo said. 

Coach Kirkland felt that the main takeaway from Friday’s loss was not any technical errors or mishaps on the field, but the premediation beforehand.

“The biggest take away from tonight would just be that they need to understand in preparation, whether it be Homecoming, Senior Night, going against a team that’s 0-20 or going against a team that’s 20-0, the preparation needs to be the same throughout. It needs to be the same consistent focus, the same consistent effort,” Kirkland said. “With Homecoming, it kind of threw everybody off and [led to] guys kind of sacrificing the football aspect for the school aspect and that’s not their fault but it’s a teaching lesson.”

The players agreed with Kirkland’s sentiment. The fact that Friday’s game marked Homecoming was something that was especially on their minds going into it. 

“[Homecoming] affected the game, we all wanted to win but it wasn’t the outcome we wanted. We played our hearts out and that’s really all we can do,” Locke said. 

Coach Kirkland wants the team to not dwell on Friday’s loss. He feels it is important that the Barons refocus and continue onward and that the players enjoy the festivities. 

“We can’t do anything now to change the outcome of tonight. The best thing to do right now is to enjoy Homecoming because a lot was put into it on and off the field. Enjoy it. Enjoy everything that comes with it,” Kirkland said.

The Barons will play away against Patrick Henry High School for their next game on September 20th.

“We can’t dwell on the loss, that’s just not going to do anything for us. We just need to look at our errors, work on them, and move on to the next one,” Cornejo said.