Sophomore represents the Women’s Trinidad and Tobago professional soccer team


Sophomore Jada Gibson has spent the last 10 years of her life working on her development as a soccer player representing teams such as Rebels, Rangers and currently Surf DA. Regular teammate and sophomore Hannah Burns describes her as a player who doesn’t let mistakes interfere with her ability to make the right decisions for the entirety of a game. Now she has gotten the notable opportunity to play for the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Under-17 football team. 

“Definitely on the field, she’s always making sure everyone’s head is up. She’s always doing what’s best for the team. She’s not a very individual player and she’s not selfish. She’s very responsible and a very good leader,” Burns said.

Gibson states that it was her mother, who was originally born in Trinidad and Tobago, that automatically made her eligible for the national team. According to Gibson, she was noticed last December at a development academy showcase in Florida by a scout from the Trinidad and Tobago federation. The director of coaching at Gibson’s current club San Diego Surf Rob Beccera was also called for his thoughts on her as a player and to see if he’d recommend her to the team. 

“She’ll come in and make friends right away which is one of the hardest things to do socially. She will adapt right away and she’s a good player. She’s very versatile so she’ll be able to play multiple positions,” Beccera said.

Later that January Gibson would discover the news that she’d soon be representing the women’s team. It was a shock for Gibson, and she expressed the fact that everything that was happening with her was so new. 

“I’ve never been to Trinidad before, I haven’t met any of the players or the coach or played any games with them before so it’s all very fresh, definitely,” Gibson said.  

Burns has garnered a strong understanding of the type of person she is on and off the pitch. Burns describes her teammate as a persistent athlete who stays dedicated to what she wants via hard work in both her personal and athletic lives. Burns’ further proclaims that crucial aspects towards Gibson’s game is her aggressiveness, high soccer IQ and her ability to keep her composure during mistakes. All of which she’ll look towards providing the Trinidad and Tobago team with.

“So going onto the Trinidad and Tobago team, I think Jada is going to be a great asset for them. She’s super strong playing [the position] right back and gets along well with others. So the team bond that she’ll have with them I’m sure will be amazing. I’m sure they’ll trust her and I’m sure she’ll help stop some goals,” Burns said.