Baron’s Speak

Read this issue’s Baron’s Speak to glean four different perspectives, from four different BVH students, about one topic. In light of the now year long continuation of distance learning, four students answered the question, “Do you feel that you are effectively learning from your work in class?”

Do you feel that you are effectively learning from your work in class?

Sienna Sanchez-Shim, freshman (Photo provided by Sienna Sanchez-Shim)



“I feel that I am having an effective learning experience in my classes even with [them] being distance learning. I still have lectures, reading material and coursework. A few disadvantages I have is that for my Drama class I do not have the full extent of experience [as] I would normally. I have not had as much group work since breakout rooms can only go to a certain extent. I prefer doing school at home since I am more reliant on myself to learn the information [from teachers]; [learning from home] helps me both learn and retain the information.”




Carlo Chavez, sophomore (Photo provided by Carlo Chavez)





“Honestly, I do feel like I am effectively learning from my work in class. Since mostly everything is online, the teachers don’t have time to squeeze in unnecessary information. But also, a big part of learning is taking notes and studying them because even if there is some information you don’t need, your notes will show you what to really learn.”






Camila Vidal, junior (Photo provided by Camila Vidal)




“Yes, I am effectively learning from some of my work in online class during these times. But on the other hand, I might forget [things because] I’m in a rush [with] deadlines. When I do my school work, I somehow end up [browsing through] Google. Google has its recommendations and questions [about] things I didn’t even know before, and I get more engaged knowing more about it. I would say it’s a 50/50.”





Brandon Farr, senior (Photo provided by Brandon Farr)




“I think it really depends on the class. For some classes, like some of the [Visual and Performing Arts] classes, I don’t think I am learning as much as I could in person because not everyone has the right materials at home. However, with my other classes such as English, I feel like I personally am learning at a similar level to how I was in person.”