The mystery of the soap dispenser


Yealin Lee

Despite the fact that Bonita Vista High advocates for students’ health, there are missing soap dispensers in the bathrooms.

They’re gone!

Luck has officially run out as the loss of the soap dispensers has come upon Bonita Vista High (BVH). It appears that the school had lost interest in COVID-19 but the question still stood: Why?

Where did the soap dispensers go?

The thought that BVH believes that COVID-19 had just completely vanished was not far from reality. This belief appeared to be masked with the daily announcements, reminding students how dangerous the virus is and why it’s important to continue wearing masks.

The fact the main office couldn’t supply the students with masks was comparable to a small business only allowing people who are not vaccinated to eat at their restaurant, making the office no help to preventing the spread of the virus.

In the restroom, the signs with the statement “Wash your hands!” must have been a mistake, being put up as a miscommunication for the promotion of spirit week.

It appears that it is a privilege to expect soap to be in the restrooms at all times.”

— Brandon Giles

It appears that it is a privilege to expect soap to be in the restrooms at all times. As a welcome back surprise, BVH decided to pour some soap in the dispensers, a first experience for some returning BVH students. However, the dispensers have mysteriously walked out by themselves!

A clue was identified through TikTok by finding evidence of stolen soap dispensers getting pulled out of a backpack. The “Devious Lick” TikTok challenge raised the suspicion of where the soap dispensers possibly went.

An email from BVH’s Assistant Principal Esther Wise was sent out: “Some of you may have heard of a recent ‘challenge’ on the social media app TikTok where individuals are encouraging others to steal or damage school property […] Students are stealing things from their campuses such as soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, microscopes, signs, a box of hand sanitizer […]” Even more excitement manifested when the situation was addressed, but was notoriously put down with the lack of action by the school, a jolly way to keep a reputation!

It is understandable that a replacement for the soap dispensers is too much for BVH’s budget. The football stadium is a dominant necessity and it will get finished soon! Hopefully, the signs to “Wash your hands!” did not go over the budget.