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On May 8, to celebrate Mothers Day, senior Laurinne Eugenio volunteered for ProduceGood where she and her family harvested organically-grown fruits that would then be shared to communities that are struggling from food insecurity. The mainly harvested oranges.

The value of volunteering

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
May 8, 2022
BTS creates an immersive experience for all their fans by selling ARMY Bombs or light sticks at their concerts. The lights coordinate with each song they sing and connect to each seat in the stadium.

Music transcends barriers

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
December 5, 2021
Trapped with the world at my fingertips

Trapped with the world at my fingertips

Mayah Cerecer, Opinion Copy Editor
December 3, 2021
Getting my drivers license allowed me to become more mature and mindful of my time management skills.

“Red lights, stop signs”

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
November 7, 2021
Dedicating a few minutes to mindfully breathe is important for it allows practitioners to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety.

Take a deep breath

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
October 24, 2021
Playing with Legos is a selfless act of self-care that provides people the opportunity to relieve stress and worries.

Self-care through Legos

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
September 12, 2021
Bonita Vista Hight students should drink caffeinated beverages moderately in an effort to ensure a stable and balanced well-being.

I’ve learned my lesson

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
August 29, 2021
Bonita Vista High (BVH) students, staff and teachers are all going through a rebuilding phase after being in quarantine for over a year and a half. The only way the BVH community can overcome the obstacles they are facing is by working together.

Rebuilding together

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
August 15, 2021
Taking small moments to pause and wind down with  family can make a difference in relationships. After listening it will look a little bit brighter everyday.

Life changing conversations

Melina Ramirez, Arts & Culture Editor
June 11, 2021
Sometimes we take a path to reach the prize waiting at the end. Instead, sometimes we should do things purely to enjoy them in the moment.

A windy path forward

Lucia Rivera, Editor-in-Cheif
May 22, 2021
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