Time with family is crucial

Grace Na, Opinion Editor

As time passes, a day will come where BVH students will have to part with their families. Students should cherish the memories with their family members and spend quality time with them. (Jaylen Gladney)

The countdown begins. Two months… One month…  Three weeks… Two weeks… Soon, my dad will be leaving California and I won’t be able to see him for another few years.

On Jan. 29, my dad visited my mom, my sister and I from China. Due to my dad’s work and my location, any memories we make are rare and golden. Before his visit, any memories of him were like blank photos; the emptiness filled up gradually. During his visit, we shared waves of laughter, watched movies, went to Korean restaurants and had quality time to bond.

Before my mom, sister and I moved to California, my family used to live in South Korea. Our routine consisted of watching Korean variety shows on a Friday night after I came back home from my hagwon—private institutions to accelerate in a certain subject. I remember sleeping to the sound of the T.V.

Although I had a great time with my family, there were times I would get annoyed with their perpetual nagging. Grace, study for your test tomorrow. Clean your room. Have you finished your homework?

Due to these instances, I didn’t take advantage of the time I had with my family.  I would find ways to avoid them and in turn, the time I spent with my friends outweighed the time I spent with my family.  

According to Dr. Todd Thatcher, supervisor and overseer of medical operations, states there are multiple benefits of spending time with family. For example, it reduces stress levels, boosts self-confidence, lowers the risk of behavioral problems and improves mental health. 

Students who spend time with family are able to reap the benefits of support, communication skills and the love that family members provide. As we grow older, communication skills become imperative to a smooth transition between childhood and adulthood. The skills that children obtain from spending time with family help them in the future either when attending school or working.

When I dedicate time to be with my family, it allows me to clear my mind from both school work and stress. It provides me with the opportunity to take a step back and take care of myself.

— Grace Na

Furthermore, by communicating with my family, I’m able to receive help when I’m struggling. When faced with an issue, I often go to my parents and sister to alleviate the weight of any predicament I might find myself in.

Months after moving to California, my mom made me realize that my time living with my dad would be over unless I moved back to Korea. However, because I have found comfort living in the United States, moving back to Korea is not included in my plans for the near future. 

Once I graduate from high school, I will go off to university and begin working in California. My future schedule will not allow me to have more quality time with my family like I did when I was in elementary and middle school. Not only did I create unforgettable memories, but also a stronger bond that connected and pulled our family closer. 

According to a survey conducted by the Crusader, out of 642 students, 36 percent of students spend three to four hours with their families per day. As teenagers, we value time with our friends and spend a lot of our time scrolling through social media. However, spending time with family is a good practice BVH students should participate in on an everyday basis. 

By moving to California and living without my dad, I have learned to not only appreciate the little things in life but also to appreciate the time with my family. At the end of the day, I’ve learned that there are multiple benefits when spending time with family such as making memories and improving my social well-being. With the spare time students have, it should be spent with loved ones.