BVH makes their way into the CIF Finals

BVH girls’ varsity volleyball team conquers Pacific Ridge with a score of 3-1


Destiny Avila Ramirez

Bonita Vista High girls’ varsity volleyball Opposite Hitter Abby Topete (18) hits the ball towards the Pacific Ridge varsity girls’ volleyball team. As the third set finishes, the crowd grows eager for a win on the road to CIF.

On Nov. 2, Bonita Vista High’s (BVH) gym doors are wide open, marking the day of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) semi-final volleyball game against Pacific Ridge High School (PRH). As students and family members walk through the doors, the Lady Barons are seen already warming up. The bleachers start to fill up quickly as Dog Pound, BVH’s student section, supports the team on the sidelines. 

The clock turns to 7:00 p.m. and the whistle blows. The Lady Barons huddle up, giving each other pep talks as the crowd cheers “Bonita!” while stomping their feet. Having a crowd cheering and supporting is very important to the Lady Barons, middle and senior Julia Fesili (5) expresses how much she appreciates everyone coming to support them.

“Hopefully every game from now on, we will have Dog Pound here so they could hype us up. I definitely think the support from the crowd motivates us to do our best,” Fesili said.

In the first set, the Lady Barons start off with the ball. Middle and senior Alani Keeran (7) spikes the ball going through the hands of the opposing team, scoring the first point against PRH. BVH goes on a lead of 5-0  resulting in PRH calling a timeout. After the timeout on PRH’s side, they eventually scored their first point at 5-1.

As BVH scores their points, PRH simultaneously follows. Eventually PRH catches up to BVH and stays on a lead the whole first set. When the score reached  9-13, BVH then calls for a timeout to recollect themselves and figure out their next moves. Setter, outside hitter and senior Jaiden Mojica (3) spikes the ball hoping to tie the game up at 20-23. Finally at 21-24, PRH scores their last point winning the first set. Outside hitter and sophomore Destiny Washington (16) explains how she felt coming into the CIF semi-finals.

I knew we had to keep our heads held high and keep our energies up as well as sticking together as a team.”

— Outside hitter and sophomore Destiny Washington

“Coming into today’s game I felt very nervous, but I knew we had to keep our heads held high and keep our energies up as well as sticking together as a team,” Washington said.

Moving on to the second set, Dog Pound starts pumping up the Lady Barons by chanting and stomping their feet. PRH starts with the ball but BVH gets the first point. PRH stays on BVH’s tail causing them to call a timeout at 12-11. Opposite hitter and senior Alina Inzunza (1) spikes the ball affecting PRH’s balance making the score 14-11.  

As it is PRH’s turn to serve, the crowd yells and barks hoping to distract PRH, ultimately leading to the score 20-16. Middle and sophomore Isabella Soto (12) closes the second set with a score of 25-17. The Lady Barons improved from the beginning of the game towards the last few minutes of the game.

“I think we did pretty good, just not the first set, I think we were just very nervous in the beginning, but after that we were good,” Fesili said.

In the third set, PRH scores the first point. Soon after, BVH follows with their first point. The crowd gets rowdy and starts cheering for the Lady Barons. Mojica sets the ball allowing middle and senior Alani Keeran (7) to spike the ball down onto the opposing side, making the score 3-2. Washington spikes the ball and the opposing team thought it was going to go out of bounds, resulting in a score of 15-14.

After long rounds of back and forth, with PRH being on BVH’s tail the whole set, BVH calls for a timeout at 21-23. With the score being close, the crowd stands from their seats and cheers on the Lady Barons. Mojica serves the ball catching PRH off their feet and scoring the last point for the third set at 25-23. Simultaneously, Dog Pound chants, “We can’t hear you!” to the opposing team. Girls varsity volleyball Head Coach Ahmad Rice explains what possibly winning CIF means to him.

“It’s not necessarily about winning, it’s about doing something that is not ordinary to do. To be able to win back to back CIF titles in two different divisions, that’s huge and that is what our goal is,” Rice said.

Going forward to the fourth and final set, PRH starts off with the ball but BVH is the first to make a point. Libero and junior Hayley Frushon (8) digs the ball with Mojica setting it, allowing Washington to spike and deliver the score to 7-5. Washington reveals how she feels being in the CIF semi finals.

“I am super excited and very hyped. I am super confident that we can make it to CIF finals like we did last year. It’s a dream come true for all of us and we really want to make it this year,” Washington said.

With BVH on a roll, PRH is forced to call for a timeout at 15-8. “C-I-F!” as the crowd chants, already tasting the victory of the Lady Barons. Mojica serves the ball which PRH cannot reach, scoring 20-9. 

The Lady Barons have reached 24-12 and only need one more point to win. Inzunza spikes the ball with PRH failing to get the ball, scoring the winning point for BVH at 25-12. Everyone in the bleachers jumps up and cheers for the Lady Barons as they are now off to CIF finals. Rice describes what the team did to win.

“I think the team did really well today. There were a couple spots where they struggled a bit but it really was about staying steady the whole game while the other team kind of broke at the end,” Rice said.

This game highlights why volleyball is so important to the Lady Barons. Volleyball can be very beneficial as Washington has learned valuable lessons while working towards high stake games, just like this game in particular. 

“Volleyball teaches me how to learn and care for each other, if we just make a mistake we should just move on. At the end of the day it’s mountains and rivers, you have to keep pushing whatever it is and just keep on moving forward,” Washington said.