The Final Cut

BVH cuts the ribbon opening the new field


Amanda Cortes

Bonita Vista High principal Lee Romero is joined by honorary guests in ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate new field stadium opening.

Jechaenna Velazco, Photographer

On Dec. 7 the Bonita Vista High (BVH)community celebrated the new field that has been long awaited for, with a cut of a ribbon. The soccer and football players sat on the bleachers, while the Visual and Performing Arts [VAPA] department and ​​ board members sat on the field, waiting for the ribbon to be cut. 

“It [the field] brings unity for the whole staff. It brings so many nice things to the school, a sense of pride and students can call it their home,” Principal Lee Romero said.  “You guys are gonna remember this year from now and the opening for this football field cause you were here. ” 

The ceremony began with the Vocal Music Department (VMD) singing the National Anthem. Performances by Get to The Pointe (GTP), Music Machine, band and cheer were also featured before the speeches delivered by Romero, Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) superintendent Moises Aguirre and SUHSD Board of Trustee member Adrián Arancibia recognized the attendees for joining in the special occasion. Assistant Principal of Student Activities at BVH Patricia Perez explains the importance of recognizing the individuals.

“We recognize all the individuals that play major roles in making it happen, so these are all the dignitaries, honorary guests are made up of several people who help with the planning, the drafting, the vision, the budgeting,” Perez said.  

The field was under construction since Sept. 20, 2021 and the final product leaves the BVH community with a great sense of accomplishment. With the new improvements, BVH is now able to use the field for athletic activities like soccer, lacrosse, cheer and more. Furthermore, the field can be used for performing arts rehearsals and performances, assemblies along with other events. Not only this, but BVH is able to host games, which they have not been able to do without a stadium.

“I think it’s a great facility for the entire student body, not just sports or Physical Education (P.E) or VAPA. Everybody will use it at any given time,” said Athletic Director Tyler Arciaga.

Organizing a ribbon cutting ceremony for the stadium expresses gratitude  to those who put the time, effort and patience in bringing it into existence. Perez mentions that the developed field will leave students with a positive look on BVH’s campus and brings a sense of hope for more improvements to help further students’ educational experience.

“I know this is something that definitely brings a lot of pride and honor to the BVH community. We are hoping that since it’s new and beautiful, it’s something that we waited for so long,” Perez said.   

I know this is something that definitely brings a lot of pride and honor to the BVH community.

— Assistant Principal of Student Activities at BVH Patricia Perez

The new facility will be open for athletics, P.E, extracurriculars like band, the V.A.P.A department and more. Arciaga states that the stadium will bring the students more school spirit. He adds on by mentioning that this new field hopes to continue the legacy BVH has and to develop a stronger community.

“I think it gives a sense of pride to the students [to] keep this in good shape and to keep it for future generations, because some of their parents went to school [BVH] and they know what this [the stadium] used to be,” said Arciaga.

Students are given the opportunity to enjoy the newly constructed field where they can have a well rounded experience. Perez gives her input on the significance of the field. 

“To me, it symbolizes new beginnings, new opportunities for athletes to come out here and continue to strive to be the best they can be,” said Perez. “I think it gives us hope and promise to see that we are in a constant direction of improvement.”