A season filled with success

Several BVH winter sports reflect on finishing high in playoffs

Amongst the winter sports that made it far into the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) competition was girls water polo. On March 2, Aparri Tarpley (5) shoots the ball into the net, scoring for Bonita Vista High (BVH) against Mar Vista High (MVH).

Destiny Avila Ramirez, News Editor

As the 2023 spring season approaches, Bonita Vista High [BVH] student athletes and coaches of the winter season are able to reflect on their numerous successes. Many BVH winter sports such as girls’ water polo, boys’ wrestling, Co-Ed roller hockey, boys’ soccer and girls’ soccer went undefeated for their league champions and made it to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). 

“It’s been a great winter season for our student athletes, coaches and their families [as well as] for our school community. We have league banners, multiple players of the year and teams that went very far in the playoffs. It’s definitely been a great season for our winter sports,” Athletic Director Tyler Arciaga said.

One of the many winter sports experiencing a great season was boys’ wrestling. Head wrestling coach Joseph Marcotte emphasizes the achievements of this year’s winter boys’ wrestling team considering, despite the team consisting of many new freshmen and sophomores. He recognizes both the freshman student-athletes winning league champions and other student-athletes as all conference wrestlers. 

“The highlight [of the season] was being recognized at the Metro League conference championships where all the coaches saw that our wrestling team has the best nucleus of young wrestlers,” Marcotte said.

Diving into another team with a new set of players this year, the girls’ water polo team went to CIF finals. After the disappointing loss, the girls were able to reflect on their great season. The team as a whole had their determination tested throughout the season but they believed in themselves and their team. 

“We had a couple hard games. A lot of us were off and on players and sometimes we would do bad, but I know our team is reliable. If I’m doing bad one day someone else is doing way better so they can pick us back up,” girls’ water polo set and junior Izabella Kovar said.

Looking back on the 2012-2022 girls water polo season where BVH won the CIF finals, Kovar explains how great of an accomplishment making it to CIF finals was for this year’s team. She describes the significance of making it to CIF although they faced a defeat against Torrey Pines with a score of 5-8.

“Next season we are going into D1 so my goal is to show that Bonita Vista is a good team and we are high up there because last year [we were] the first girls team to win a CIF title so now we can show that water polo is a real sport and should be recognized,” Kovar said.

Another girls team representing BVH in the playoffs is the girls’ soccer team who unfortunately lost in CIF but had a good season as they played very well in the league. Girls’ varsity soccer, center midfielder and senior Luna Beaulieu (10) expresses her appreciation towards her team pushing through the season after losing players from last year’s team. 

“We had a successful season overall, it was bittersweet to lose in the first round of CIF but we won league and we made a lot of new connections. We are just a big family and it was a really fun and great season,” Beaulieu said.

Some winter sports have continued on such as the BVH girls’ basketball team who has continued in CIF after winning their third round against Rancho Christian on Mar. 4. In contrast, the rest of the winter sports have concluded their season, including BVH rolley hockey who lost their CIF game 5-4 against Poway High on Feb. 27. Regardless, Boys’ soccer defensive midfielder and senior Dominic Cavin is proud of the winter sports’ successes.

“I think [the 2022-2023] winter sports succeeded so much because all the players train year round and are very committed to their individual sport. [Players] give it their all every season and I think everyone is always excited about their season, especially for a senior like me knowing it’s my last year,” Cavin said.

Arciaga further explains his gratitude towards all BVH sports teams and the energy they bring to their respective sports. He finds joy in seeing teams have fun and further themselves towards league championships and CIF’s. For the players and fans, it is a truly fantastic experience and exciting time to be able to have the opportunity to play in CIF.

“[It’s great] seeing the joys on [players] faces for all their hard work because a lot of them are seniors. For them to be able to see all this hard work has paid off, that’s what’s really been good,” Arciaga said. “They have all created a positive culture with the community and fans at games. I’m glad to be able to be a part of that.”