Athletes Speak

How do you plan to continue your athletic career after high school?

William Maywood, Section Editor







Dylan Sabal Senior, Setter, Volleyball


High school sports are very fun, some of the most fun i’ve had in high school was playing sports. The experience you get from sports going to games, practices, and feeling the support from people is so unique.  For me though, I never considered it a part of my plan after graduating. Maybe a couple of casual intramurals—[the lowest division of sports]—here and there, but other than that I don’t plan on pursuing professional sports.








Brady Murphy ​​Track and Field, jumper and senior


I plan to play track and field in college, it means a lot for me to be able to play after high school. I’ve been playing sports my whole life so stopping after high school would not fit right with me. I plan to hopefully main in the high jump category and maybe even try to do something like a decathlaton or something else that is based on endurance.











Miles Tobitt, Senior, Doubles, Captain


I plan on trying to play intramural—[the lowest division of sports]—tennis at University of California San Diego (UCSD). I know UCSD has a Division I (DI) tennis program, however I don’t see myself playing DI. I would be more than happy to play intramural and keep up with the sport I love. If not that, then I’d be happy to go to a court and play with friends at a casual level. I alsowant to continue to be physically active though at some level. I think that tennis is a great sport for that at any age.











Brianda Aldana, senior, Captain, midfielder 


I would like to branch out and find a girls’ lacrosse team. I love playing lacrosse, it’s a great sport. I have so much love for it that I would find a lacrosse club or recreational lacrosse to play for fun. I love my team and I would definitely come back to help out after I graduate and maybe even coach.