Lady Barons fail to beat Mater Dei once again

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Bonita Vista High School’s softball team played their senior night game and last game of their season against the Mater Dei Catholic Crusaders on Wednesday, May 8, losing 19-7. This point disparity was primarily due to the ten runs Mater Dei scored in the third inning.

The game began with pitcher and senior Iliana Tejeda (00) on the mound, and the Crusaders batting first, scoring twice. A Crusader hit into outfield and the ball was caught by sophomore and outfielder Nicole Hill (6) followed by another it from Mater Dei and catch by senior and second baseman Madalyn Loperena (33).

During the Lady Barons’ at-bat, first and third baseman and sophomore Alexis Guevara (8) hit a single with Senior and catcher Vinitzia Blanco (15) following with a double, moving Guevara to third.

Up next was junior and first baseman Julia Hill (7) who hit a triple bringing Guevara and Junior and outfielder Kathleen Santacruz (12), Blanco’s pinch-hitter, home. This added two runs to the score and evening the score 2-2. J. Hill later crossed home with a hit from junior and third baseman Kodi Gora (4), bringing the score to 2-3 by the end of the first inning.

During the second inning, Mater Dei hit a two run homer. Then a Crusader’s hit was caught by Junior and Outfielder Melanie Johnson (3), another caught by Macario, and the third catch by N.Hill, leaving the score at 4-3. The Lady Barons scored no runs in the second inning.

Mater Dei’s momentum picked up in the third inning, scoring ten more runs. Lady Barons still had made no more runs, ending the inning in a score of 14-3.

The Barons’ defense improved in the middle innings of the game, preventing the Crusaders from putting any runs on the scoreboard in the fifth, specifically. In the same inning, however, BVH began to score more runs.

J.Hill began the inning with hitting a single folling Gora who hit a double. Next was sophomore Sophia Estrada (1) walked and bases were full. Outfielder and junior Jamie Greeno (32) hit a single and J.Hill made a run. Santacruz also walked and Gora made another run.Ramirez hit was caught, next to bat was Macario and she hit a single.  Greeno made a run and Guevara’s hit was also caught. The inning ended with a score of 16-7.

Crusaders score three more runs in the sixth inning bringing score to 19-7. Lady Barons made no runs and the game ended with a final score of 19-7.

Regardless of the game’s outcome, the softball coaching staff expressed pride in the team’s effort, especially among the senior members.

“I think the seniors did well overall and if they didn’t do well on the field, they stayed inside the dugout and [had] a very positive [attitude] and kept the team up and energetic,” Varsity Head Coach Alejandro Jordan said.

Four out of five of the team’s senior players have worked with the head coach Jordan for the last three seasons, allowing a collective development in skill and collaboration.

“I’ve seen tremendous amounts of growth, not only physically on the softball field, but mentally they turned into like very responsible and very safe. They lead well by example and they [have] just grown in all different areas. So it’s been a pleasure to be a part of their last season.” Jordan said.

Although Jordan expressed disappointment with the loss of the seniors’ leadership skills, he believes the chemistry of the team will most likely stay the same, helping and being supportive of one another.

“My team has helped me grow by always being supportive. I’m always picking me up and just show me how to be a better teammate in general” Blanco said.

This was the last home game for the seniors during the regular season. Four out of five of the seniors will be attending colleges through a softball scholarship.

“I will be attending Clarendon college. It’s in Clarendon Texas and I’ll be pursuing softball and furthering my education,” Tejeda said. “[I will pursue softball] for however long it’ll take me, I want to make it to division one, that’s my goal. And it depends on where I go from there, I’m leaving it all in God’s hands.”

Jordan will miss all the seniors for he spent so much time with them and he has positive notes about each one of them.

“Vinny’s [ Blanco] is a very easy going, very happy go lucky, but very competitive individual.
Mandy [Lopez] is a very quiet, dedicated worker, and is a very team oriented player. Maddie [loprena] is crazy, she is crazy but I love her to death and she’s a kid that I’ve seen grow the most and mature the most in the three seasons [I’ve taught her]. Iliana is a kid that is very serious about what she does and I know that the future holds a lot of bright things for her,” Jordan said.