Hitting a high note

BVM student recognized as one of the 25 most Remarkable Teens in San Diego


Jennifer Dye

Bonita Vista Middle school eighth grader, Kieler Muller sings, “The Reason,” by Maddie Poppe while playing her ukulele. This room in her house is where she normally practices one of the four instruments she is self-taught in: guitar, piano, ukulele and trumpet.

Leonardo Yniguez, Staff Writer

Accustomed to being on stage, Bonita Vista Middle eighth grader Kieler Muller’s musical ability brought her back into the spotlight. However this time, she stood with trophy in hand. On May 10, Muller was presented the Remarkable Teen Award, despite only being in eighth grade.

“When I was told I won, I was honestly super surprised. There were so many unbelievable people who were nominated and I really didn’t think I would win. When I found out I couldn’t believe it,” Kieler Muller said.

The awards were given by the Public Defender’s Office and the San Diego Public Defender Youth Council to a total of 25 students for several categories such as civic involvement, technology and in her case, musical talent. Muller was nominated by the Artistic Director of Bonitafest Melodrama and Journalism Professor at Southwestern College Max Branscomb.

“I think that her Kieler’s musical ability has obviously lended itself to such an award and I think she’s very well deserving of it,” Visual and Music Department Director at BVH and Director of Advanced Choir at Bonita Vista Middle Michael Klein said.

In the profile for Muller’s nomination, Branscomb explained that her musical expertise is also “the product of very hard work,” having been self-taught and participating in Bonitafest Melodrama since the age of 3.

“[Kieler Muller] was extremely shy. I didn’t think she would ever be in a show with any kind of performing,” Kieler’s mom Kerie Muller said. “[She auditioned] when she was three, she sang her whole song for [Branscomb] and he let her in the [Bonitafest Melodrama]. She’s been in every show since.”

Currently, Kieler Muller serves as Co-President of the BVM Advanced Choir and is a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. She also taught herself to play the ukulele, guitar and received piano lessons.

“I perform pretty much any chance I get. I perform at open mic nights and sometimes school events. I just love performing so I do it whenever I can,” Kieler Muller said.

Apart from being recognized as a one of San Diego’s Most Remarkable Teens, she was also accepted into BVH’s Music Machine where she will be a part of the Alto section.

“I’m pretty consistent in the way that I teach between my middle and high school [students]. However, the high schoolers have a higher performance load, more advanced music and I am more strict in the classroom,” Klein said. “I believe that every single student in my choir is a leader. She’ll be like everyone else in that respect.”

Kerie Muller explains that Music Machine will be an opportunity for Kieler Muller to learn “even more stage confidence,” and how to work with a team.

“I expect her to a part of the team. I expect her to learn and be open to being taught by our leaders,” Klein said. “I expect her to maintain the same positivity that she was already [displaying] in BVM.”

As a recipient of the Remarkable Teen Award, Kieler Muller looks forward to continuing her singing career in the BVH Music Machine.

“[Performing has] given me a lot more confidence and I’m honestly proud of myself because that was something I’ve struggled with a lot,” Kieler Muller said. “As far as the future I don’t care what I do as long as it involves music. It’s what I love to do and all I ever want to do.”