Speech and Debate works towards ‘sweepstakes’ goal at 2B League Invitational


Provided by Traci Talamantez

The BVH Speech and Debate team poses for a team picture after completing the 2B League Tournament at Canyon Crest Academy.

Alexa Vazquez, Opinion Editor

Provided by Traci Talamantez
The BVH Speech and Debate team poses for a team picture after completing the 2B League Tournament at Canyon Crest Academy.

Following their success at the 2A Public Forum and Parliamentary League Tournament, the Bonita Vista High (BVH) Speech and Debate team continue on their winning streak with their recent appearance at the San Diego Imperial Valley Speech League 2B League tournament at Canyon Crest Academy. School debate teams from across the Imperial Valley Speech League arrived at 7 a.m with the rounds beginning at around 8 a.m. 

The tournament included “B” second cycle events, including Policy, Congress, and Lincoln-Douglas debates. The BVH debate team performed exceptionally well in these B events, seven teams ending with three wins and one loss Additionally, three teams ended undefeated, as well as five finalist pairs under the Congress portion of the tournament.  

“I’m really proud of [our] work ethic. It’s what makes us work well together as a team and brings us more success. [Considering our performance in this tournament], it makes me even more confident that we will place well in sweepstakes this cycle,” President of BVH Speech and Debate and junior Ursula Neuner said. 

According to Speech and Debate Secretary Faith Talamantez, the team has “been working nonstop” to prepare their cases, attending after school workshops and devoting an exceptional amount of time to researching the various topics. As the BVH team continues to place higher in certain events, their goal of surpassing Carlsbad High School’s debate team in sweepstakes, an award ceremony honoring the highest ranking schools of the cycle, seems more likely to become a reality. 

“I’m thinking we have a solid chance [at placing well in sweepstakes] this year because of how hard our team has been working. However, [the thing that] inspires me to continue working hard is the knowledge that what I do is a reflection of my entire team,” Talamantez said. 

In addition to the goal of placing well in sweepstakes, the BVH team is motivated to press on by each other, as “the sense of team unity works as a good motivator to continue putting in the work” according to Speech and Debate team member and junior Gerardo Gonzalez-Martinez. 

“Bonita is a team, and as a member, I want to do whatever I can to help Bonita be competitive. The same is true for partnered events, I never want to let my partner down,” Gonzalez-Martinez said. 

Although sweepstakes lies a good while away, the BVH Speech and Debate team will continue to put in the effort towards reaching their goals in upcoming future tournaments such as the 2C League Tournament taking place on Nov. 16. 

“It was a very successful tournament for Bonita and overall, this year has been good for us as a school. We have a very good chance to move up the sweepstakes and finally take the number two spot. I think Bonita can do it, [and] more so, I think this cycle is our chance to make it happen,” Gonzalez-Martinez said.