“Rock stars” on the field

Club Blue places third with their musical field show on Nov. 7


Marcello Garbo

Club Blue performs their field show Rockstar at the Serra Field Tournament on Nov. 7. They are performing their second movement, or part of the field show.

Marcello Garbo, Staff Writer

Bonita Vista High’s (BVH) band, Club Blue performed a field show called “Rock star,” that represents what music can do to an individual. In their second to last field show on Nov. 7 at Serra High School, they placed in the top three, with color guard coming in first place.

“We’re going out [on the field] trying to have a really fun show but also looking at the serious side of what it means to be a rock star. It represents the heartbreak and trials you have to go through when it comes to that level of stardom and rising above all the challenges,” Club Blue director Mark McCann said.

As seen in Club Blue’s field show on Nov. 7, this was represented by members aligning themselves in waves and circles on the field, and color guard using guitars and dressed up as rock stars. Recently, members of Club Blue have expressed that there has been a lot more connection between band members and that motivation has increased. 

“Going into this competition I was feeling really good. I was warming up with the battery drummers. They were sounding great, as well as the front ensemble. When I heard the whole band sounding great I felt a rush of energy,” field Drum Major and senior Jamie Martinez said.

This field show featured three distinct movements, or sections of the performance that total up to around eight minutes. During the performance, color guard assists as a visual aid, dressed in rock star attire.

“This field show is very performance heavy. We have a lot of visuals and movement so it makes [the field show] come together very well,” Club Blue president, low brass section leader and senior Desiree Leeper said.

Tuba player, assistant to the Drum Major and sophomore Carter Gailband has expressed that the feeling playing in a field show is similar to a “bliss or a high.” After the field show, members regularly reflect on their performance.

“[During the field show] it’s a different kind of energy. I was up there smiling a lot. Coming out of the performance, I felt pretty rough, but that happens to everybody. I think we did pretty well,” Martinez said.

McCann has expressed that as a director, it’s difficult to evaluate a performance because there are always things that he wants to fix. However, he still feels that it was a strong performance.

“There’s literally no better feeling in the world [than watching students on the field]. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how much work has gone into this. When we finally perform on the field, it’s a reminder of how capable the students are,” McCann said.