Boys’ tennis coach of 2017-2018 returns for 2019-2020 season


Kara Barragan

Boys’ tennis coach Lisa Tacher speaks to what were prospective team members of the 2018 season, at a meeting in Jan. 2018. She will now once again coach at BVH.

Luis Suarez, Photographer

For the upcoming 2020 spring season, the boys’ tennis team is receiving a new coach. The change comes prior to their season, with the previous head coach, William Williams leaving and being replaced by penultimate boys’ tennis coach, Lisa Thatcher as head coach. Former 2016-17 season boys tennis coach, Joseph Sheffield will be serving as assistant coach.

As stated by Sheffield, stepping in to help out the team was a dilemma for him, considering that he was also the track and field sprints coach, a job which overlaps during the same spring season as boys tennis.  

“I’m really committed to the Track and Field [Team],” said Sheffield. “That’s the reason why I just want to be an assistant [coach for the tennis team],” Sheffield said. 

Sheffield expressed that he believed Williams taught a different style of coaching that was not well suited for the player’s skill level and Sheffield would rather advance the player’s training.

“I thought [Williams] coached the boys’ [tennis team] like they were like six, seven years old. You never want to revert back to that kind of coaching,”  Sheffield said.

Likewise, varsity player and junior, Ben Conte has expressed his opinion on Williams. For Conte, the replacement was a different change of pace.

“I was not exactly happy with [Williams]. I could see he cared, but in my opinion, he cared and focused his energy in the wrong areas, and I feel most of the team was lost on the goals that he wanted,” Conte said.

Sheffield went on to express positive sentiments for the players of the boys tennis team and took note of a few names, such as junior Zyden Buse and senior William Cruz, that he recognized – as well as performing players he is looking forward to help train next season. 

One of those names was junior and varsity player Mario Payan, who expressed content with the switch over to a new trainer for their new season.

“I would be happy to have a new coach with a new coaching style,” Payan said.

Overall, this change has left some tennis players pleased and others with no change of opinion, and as of now, they continue to practice regularly at the Southwestern College. As for Sheffield, the replacement has not stopped his momentum for the upcoming season.  

“These [tennis players] are legit,” Sheffield said. “They’re tournament players. So we’re going to be good this coming season.” 

Thatcher and Williams were unable to comment upon this change, due to unavailability.