A seven point win on the rink

BVH roller hockey team beats Castle Park High School


Jaylen Gladney

Forward and sophomore Diego Nunes (14) skates alongside an opposing player during the match. After the game, Nunes stated that he felt the BVH team played well.

Efren Mendieta, Videographer

Castle Park High School (CPHS) hosted Bonita Vista High’s (BVH) roller hockey team in a 45 minute game where after three periods the Barons left the rink with a 10-3 win.

“Performance-wise, I feel as though the team played well, great passing and hustle by all. Although we did make mistakes, most of them were easily fixable and I think this game served as a great learning experience,” forward and sophomore Diego Nunes (14) said.

According to left winger and sophomore Max Anderson (8) the first period of the game showcased a surge in energy and intensity from the Barons with the result primarily staying in their favor. Nearing the end of the first half they would help their lead continue into the second period by scoring three consecutive goals in a manner of minutes. The first period ended in BVH’s control with a score of 4-1.

“I’m very satisfied with my and the team’s performance today. I feel the team is building chemistry and were able to play at a much higher level than at the start of the season,” Anderson said.

The second period of the game would continue showing BVH’s productive performance as they would remain in the lead despite a goal from CPHS. The end of the 2nd period would see a 7-2 lead for the visitors.

“Overall I thought we played a solid, well rounded game. [We] started off a little slow or sluggish in the beginning but I think in the middle of the second and early third period we picked it up and played how we were supposed to play in the beginning of the game,” roller hockey coach Keith Quigley said.

At the end of each three periods in the game, BVH kept the lead. In the third and final period of the game, the BVH players scored three more goals and maintained their lead despite conceding one more goal. The final result of the game would be a 10-3 win for the Barons with their next game set to take place on Jan. 28 against Hilltop High School.

“Although we make mistakes and occasionally bad plays, the team is always determined to improve and learn from past experiences. It’s this work ethic that I see that really separates us from the other teams, and is one of the reasons our team is tied for the top seat in the league,” Nunes said.