Ian Kearns’ coming-of-age EP release, ‘Saving Face’

A solid 8/10

Album art for

Provided by Ian Kearns

Album art for “Saving Face” by Ian Kearns. The EP was released on all music platforms this year.

Kara Barragan, Photographer

With his senior year coming to a close, Bonita Vista High (BVH) senior Ian Kearns releases a nostalgic-filled extended play (EP) titled, “Saving Face.” It is a reflection on the concept of how fast time passes woven together with extraordinary guitar work from Kearns. The EP is studded with relatable lyrics for those like Kearns, graduating this 2020-2021 school year. With a total of five tracks, Kearns paves his way for the next step in his life, filling the air with heart-driven instrumentals that feel utterly captivating and uplifting. 

Kearns’ single on the EP, “Plastic Crown,” stands out amongst the other tracks and effectively captures the feeling of longing for the past and fear of a future fast-approaching. The instrumentals in this track work harmoniously and give hope to listeners that feel the same nostalgia as Kearns. However, with tracks like “Saving Face Pt. 1” and “Saving Face Pt. 2,” it is hit or miss for listeners because both tracks have an accumulated playtime of 13 minutes and 24 seconds with instrumentals mainly outplaying vocals. Though for those instrumental lovers out there, these tracks are a treat, with such impressive and unique instrumental work. Much praise goes to Kearns for creating such tracks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its entirety, it’s remarkable to listen to a work like “Saving Face” and it should be savored by listeners. Kearns takes the cake in capturing such feelings of nostalgia that are eminent with so many of us now.