CVPD visits BVH campus, warns students against the dangers of vaping


Elissa Cajes

The Chula Vista Police Department visits Bonita Vista High School on Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 to educate students about the health risks of vaping. At their booth, the officers hand out pencils and pamphlets to students in an effort to advocate against vaping.

Nicole Macgaffey and Elissa Cajes

On September 9, 2021 the Chula Vista Police Department held an anti-vape booth at Bonita Vista High (BVH). The booth was located in the quad and occurred during lunch in which students were able to walk up and receive a pamphlet detailing the negative effects of vaping. 

Two officers were at the booth engaging with the students who would stop by and answer any questions students may have towards the subject. One of the officers on site was School Resource Officer for the Chula Vista Police Department Stephanie Campllo. She detailed that the purpose of the booth was to inform students of the dangers of vaping and misconceptions students have.