Backbone of BVH

PTSA supports the BVH community


Members of the Parent-Teacher Student Association gather around the table to discuss school events. Here, scholarships opportunities are offered and student concerns are addressed.

Destiny Avila Ramirez, Arts & Cultures Copy Editor

After coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bonita Vista High (BVH) students, parents and teachers alike were struggling to readjust. However, BVH community members who comprise the Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) make the return to campus smoother. 

For many elementary schools, a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is available. The PTA is a national program with many members and thousands of local units. These local units are self-governing organizations that serve the purpose of planning programs and activities to meet community needs. Examples of these include the Reflections Arts Program that recognizes those who specialize in different forms of art as well as staff appreciation week to show them support. At the middle and high school level, students’ voices are included and the PTA is known as the PTSA. The PTSA serves the same purpose but with additional input from a larger audience. 

“We make efforts to include the students. The motto of [the] PTSA is ‘Every student, one voice,’” Vice President of PTSA Programs and Reflections Art Program Chairman Kathleen Yetter said.

We make efforts to include the students. The motto of [the] PTSA is ‘Every student, one voice.”

— Vice President of PTSA Programs and Reflections Art Program Chairman Kathleen Yetter

PTSA is where students, parents and educators can help students achieve their goals and perform to the best of their abilities. The PTSA relies on its members to show and fulfill students’ needs. In 2019, pre-COVID, the PTSA offered scholarships to BVH’s graduating seniors, recognizing those who performed volunteer services for the school and community. The PTSA plans to hold more scholarship contests in the future.

“I think these programs and scholarships are really crucial,” Auditor and senior Lourdes Castruita said. “They allow students to be recognized.”

Through presentations and events, the PTSA supplies programs such as Start Smart, an event that includes a class where students and parents can learn additional information regarding safe driving. Many insurance companies will give a discount on the student’s car insurance for attending. As a volunteer association, the PTSA holds fundraisers as well. 

“We rely a lot on fundraising so every once in a while you will see a poster pop up for a fundraiser [at] Chipotle or Panda Express,” PTSA Second Vice-President of Membership and junior Christina Sandoval said.

The PTSA connects parents, teachers and administration by bringing awareness to events occurring at BVH and within the Bonita Vista community. The PTSA strives for BVH to become a comfortable environment through efforts such as Bonita Beautification.

“[Through] Bonita Beautification, we [PTSA] try to help our school look better and prettier. That’s a big job at Bonita right now,” Yetter said.

A majority of PTSA’s overall performance is decided through meetings. Once a month on a Wednesday around 12:00 p.m., the PTSA meets with students, teachers, parents and BVH principal Dr. Del Rosario. Yetter explains that at every meeting the PTSA goes through a report, receiving updates on how staff and students are doing. As student representatives, both Castruita and Sandoval share their reports and expand on what students are experiencing both physically and mentally. The PTSA acts as a call to action and a source of help if support is needed. Previously, the PTSA held events and had speakers to assist in satisfying students’ needs.

“We [PTSA] like to support students, we try to have speakers and programs that help the students,” Yetter said  

All three members, Yetter, Castruita and Sandoval share that they feel the PTSA is an important opportunity to gain leadership skills and community service hours. The members are able to foster relationships with their community, while also being involved in improving their school campus and supporting students.

“I’m an advocate for my school and my fellow peers. I also have the opportunity to gain community service hours and I do this all while improving my school,” Sandoval said.