Cross country dominates at League Finals


Kara Barragan

Boys Varsity Cross Country freshmen Samuel Hernandez [left] and senior Christian Mason [middle] run their last stretch to the finish line. Partnered by and Olympian runner to the far right. XC had to run two laps with all teams at Rohr Park on Nov. 9th.

Kara Barragan, Web Editor

On a Friday afternoon, a bus arrived after the last bell had rung, signaling the start of 6th period. Cross country members met at the front of the Bonita Vista High School gymnasium and started to board the bus, one by one, to arrive at Rohr Park on Nov. 9th for the annual Metropolitan Conference Championships.

At Rohr Park, the team migrated to their canopies and waited in the shade for Varsity Boys to start their race.

Varsity boys made their way over to the dirt tracks. The audience started to gather behind the cones surrounding the dirt track, waiting for the varsity boys to run in. Seconds pass and runners bolt around the gates of the Bonita Golf Course, making their way to the end of the first lap at the finish line. With a total of 5,000 metres completed, varsity boys ultimately won with a total of 23 points, 8 points away from the highest possible score of 15.

In the 5,000 metre race, Senior Jonathan Kelly placed second with a time of 16 minutes and 22 seconds, approximately 23 seconds behind Otay Ranch senior Justin Mulvany. Two other runners placed in the top 5: being seniors Mario Barone (3rd place) and Christian Salt (4th place).

“All season, Mulvany, from Otay, and our own Jonathan [Kelly] have been clowning me in the races, so a third place behind them wasn’t too deterring,” Barone said. “I ran the race semi-easy, so I was aware of my environment the whole time. Looking back and seeing a pack of my teammates was great, knowing we were going to crush Otay.”

In the 2.5 mile Varsity Girl’s race, sophomore Sequoia Kriss taking the lead in the first stretch. Kriss placed sixth with a time of 16 minutes and 37 seconds. Girl’s Varsity ended with a total of 100 points, placing fourth behind Olympian, Otay Ranch, and Eastlake.

“I feel confident and proud of the race I ran yesterday. I feel that I pushed myself the hardest I could. I wanted to make sure that I ran a race that would prove that the workouts that we did all season would pay off in the end,” Kriss said.

According to senior Raquel Escobedo who placed 31st with a time of 18 minutes and 49 seconds in the 2.5 mile race, she mentioned how running the hill in the heat was difficult. She states that the team’s hill workouts were essential towards the team’s performance for girl’s varsity.

“The hill was pretty hard and when you get past all the crowds and it’s all quiet, and it’s just a straight line and everyone’s breathing, it’s just hard to start moving up. It’s easy to stay in your spot and not get tired. But to push and be uncomfortable and start moving up, I think that’s the hardest part,” Escobedo said.  

BVH’s junior varsity then stampeded the dirt tracks, having a strong start to their 5,000 metre race. Junior Abraham Zepeda had been in the lead throughout the race and ultimately placed second with a time of 18 minutes and 13 seconds. Soon came freshman Enrique Aranda, running in 2 seconds after Zepeda, placing fourth. With a score of 32, the Boys JV team won first place.

“After this, it’s in the hands of the young guys we have now. I see future league and CIF champions in the works,” Barone said.

Lastly came the junior varsity girls, finishing off the conference with the last race of the day. Runners shot off in their 2.5 mile race: Sophomore Alexis Dauz led the BVH runners throughout the whole stretch, in the end placing 20th with a time of 19 minutes and 24 seconds. Girls JV amounted to 144 points in total, placing fourth beneath Olympian, Otay Ranch and Eastlake.

“Being that I’ve been in this sport for four years, it’s crazy. I’m really excited for this next generation of girls, I know they’re going to do awesome,” Escobedo said. “Honestly, I feel like such a proud mom. I love this team,” Escobedo said.

As teams made their way back to their canopies, BVH runners and parents gathered in the shade congratulating each other. Soon after, BVH runners formed into a line holding neon yellow poster boards with the names of all the seniors. As the sun set, the group gathered together and runners hugged seniors, ending off the Metropolitan conference championships with a celebration.

“I can’t fathom that it was our last race at Rohr. I’m sure that once it sinks in for all of us that this is the final chapter, it will be sad for us seniors,” Barone concluded.