Ep. 15 How does religion shape your upbringing?

Welcome back Barons! In this episode, seniors, News Copy Editor Mayah Cerecer and News Editor Melina Ramirez interview three students about their ties with religion and how that has shaped them into who they are. A Jew, Christian and a non-religious affiliated student sit down to discuss religion’s role in their lives and discuss what it means to be religious. Seniors Anna Maya, Mariana Marquez and Robin Lopez share their opinions on their respective religions.

The Crusader acknowledges the role religion plays in student’s everyday life and hopes that through this discussion students can relate their definition of religion to those of our three guests 

Also, the Crusader would like to extend their gratitude to Mr. Martinez for allowing the podcast team to use his recording equipment.


Podcast Managers:

Nadia Martinez

Jose Solis

Stephanie Lomeli



News Editor: Melina Ramirez

News Copy Editor: Mayah Cerecer



Anna Maya (Jewish)

Mariana Marquez (Christian)

Robin Lopez (No religious alignment)