Seven month update on BVH track and field stadium construction


Angelina Ruckman

In Sept. of 2021, construction of Bonita Vista High’s (BVH) new track and field stadium began. Large construction vehicles were brought in to clear the field. By April of 2022 home side bleachers and a press box have been installed.

Bonita Vista High (BVH) has been in the process of constructing a new football stadium since Sept. 20, 2021. There have been some big developments since then.

The recent changes that have been made include the addition of home-side bleachers and the press box. The new bleachers can hold 4,000 students; 2,000 students from the home school and away school.

“It’s great because you could finally see structural pieces. You have the light posts and you see the home-side bleachers are almost done,” Athletics Director Tyler Arciaga said. 

After many years of planning, the school is close to having a football stadium. With the construction on the field being done in a timely manner, the stadium should be completed by Fall of 2022. However, BVH P.E. students are unable to use the field due to the construction. 

“They’re no longer able to do the mile the same way, and that’s part of their fitness-gram assessment,” BVH principal Roman Del Rosario, Ed.D. said. 

The construction of the stadium does not only affect BVH students, but it also affects the parents who drive their kids to school. 

“There’s also been a disruption in the flow of traffic, particularly in the rush hour of morning and afternoons where there is more of a narrow space [at the entrance],” Del Rosario said. 

The football stadium will allow BVH teams to play against other schools on home turf; a notable development for BVH. Out of the 12 high schools in the Sweetwater Union High School District, BVH is the only one without a stadium.

It’s something I’ve heard from the community and from the students time and time again; the feeling of a lack of fairness.

— BVH principal Roman Del Rosario, Ed.D.

“It’s something I’ve heard from the community and from the students time and time again; the feeling of a lack of fairness. There’s 12 high schools in our district, and we’re the only one that didn’t have a stadium,” Del Rosario explained. “We have such a rich history of excellent athletic programs and I just think it’s gonna make a tremendous difference.”

The stadium construction is on track, according to Sweetwater Union High School District Director of Planning and Construction Jason Brust. 

“The construction schedule is constantly being monitored by the project team. A final completion date for all features of the stadium will be determined as the project moves forward,”  Brust said.

There have been no significant delays with the construction going on for the new football stadium. According to Brust, all activities occurring on the construction site are “typical for a project of this type.” Arciaga has noticed the contrary.

“Right now, there’s a lot of demos and there’s also a lot of dirt removal that needed to happen, which was a large cost of not only money, but also time and effort. They had to drop the stadium, three to four feet,” Arciaga said.

In addition to home side bleachers and a press box, Brust explains that the stadium will also include a nine lane track, artificial turf, a band practice area, scoreboard, marquee, concessions stand and restrooms. As the stadium continues to be built, it sparks excitement in some who pass by it as it shows the improvements and developments being made to BVH. 

“I’m excited every morning when I head down Eighth Street and turn into the parking lot. I see the glimpse of what it’s looking like, and it’s exciting,” Del Rosario said.