Mega-rare not bummer senior year

Creating a balance between school work and personal life


Eiffel Sunga

Senior Eiffel Sunga has created a senior year bucket list to fully enjoy her last year of high school. Her inspiration comes from her favorite childhood book character, Judy Moody, who creates a “Mega-rare Not Bummer Summer” list of dares in the movie Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.

Eiffel Sunga, Editor-in-Chief

Much like Judy Moody—my favorite childhood book character—and her “Mega-Rare Not Bummer Summer” list of dares, I’ve taken it upon myself to make a “Not Bummer Senior Year” bucket list. In contrast to my junior year, I am entering my final year of high school with the intention to check off all the key “high school” experiences I have yet to fulfill. 

It’s not that I have a fear of missing out, nor is it because I want to “fit in,” but I’ve come to realize how much academic pressure sucks the life out of me. When it comes to those times during the school year when I am neck deep in homework, exams, writing newspaper articles and preparation for Speech and Debate tournaments, I lose sense of myself. 

It’s not that I have a fear of missing out, nor is it because I want to “fit in,” but I’ve come to realize how much academic pressure sucks the life out of me.

— Senior Eiffel Sunga

I tell myself that I “don’t have time.” Because why crochet a cardigan if I could study for a math exam next week?  Too often I fall into a rabbit hole, Alice in Wonderland style, where I feel useless if I am not doing school work. But, as Eddie Munson from the Netflix Original Stranger Things would say, “This year is different. This is my year.” Ultimately, I intend to find an equal balance between my schoolwork and personal life.

Yet, here comes my initial dilemma. How do I put my thoughts into action? I told myself the same thing in my junior year. Though I did set aside more time for myself, that time was spent with overwhelming guilt. I felt like I should be doing schoolwork instead. To solve this issue I asked myself, What would Mr. Helle do (W.W.M.H.D.)? In times of need, I step into the shoes of the Bonita Vista High (BVH) Speech and Debate advisor, Eric Helle, to determine the best course of action. 

In cases where our Speech and Debate team needs to “get things done” and need to hold ourselves accountable for tasks we say we’re going to do, Helle advises that we turn to goal setting. That way, I can hold myself accountable to the tasks I need to get done. That too was my initial thought–only with a twist. So, without further ado here is the “Not Bummer Senior Year” bucket list that I implore you to indulge in, regardless of grade level. 

Involve myself in school events

Whether that be school dances, important sport games or pep rallies I feel like I’ve missed out. It’s become a trend, at least from what I’ve observed, to hate school sanctioned events. A belief I used to share. Even when attending those events, there’s an overall gloom amongst students who think, “I have FOMO, but I also don’t want to be here.” Really, these events are what you make of them. This year, I’ll be the one nagging my friends to participate. 

Join a new club.

This one is a bit difficult for me, seeing as I am involved in many extracurricular activities already. But instead of telling myself I “don’t have time,” I will do what I can to involve myself in the BVH Key Club. Though I don’t want to overwhelm myself with too many clubs, I will join those that I find beneficial and enjoyable.

Make a new friend.

Need I elaborate? I realize that a judgmental part of me has prevented me from befriending new people. I often make assumptions of others too soon, but I will change that. This year, as an officer of the BVH Speech and Debate team, I’ve seen many new faces joining the program. Thus, making a new friend should not be too difficult considering the Speech and Debate team spends a lot of time together. 

Find a creative hobby.

There is something very therapeutic about playing an instrument, crocheting or even baking. Given that schoolwork heightens my stress level, having a creative outlet is especially important. I lose the creative part of myself during those difficult times of the school year. It is also a part of me that I highly cherish, so this goal will help me keep that part of me alive. 

Try new food.

The list of new food to try is endless. Whether that be mochinuts or the Arby’s meat mountain, there is always something I have never heard of, but piques my curiosity. This goal is a part of my effort to be more open with my options.

Watch a new artist’s live performance.

I’ve found live music to be the best music. Regardless of the artist or genre, experiencing someone singing their heart out on stage is unlike any other. Sharing that memory with a friend makes it especially valuable. I’ve seen many of my favorite artists live, but this year I will find someone new. 

Though not long, this bucket list encompasses the things in life I appreciate most. Still, it will be difficult to get over the mentality of “I don’t have time.” Like all else, balance is the best way to check off this list while continuing to involve myself in academics. For as long as I can remember, academics have been on the front burner of the stove in my mind. This year, I will start up a second pan and work my hardest to cook both at once.