Powder Puff’s revival


Isabella Garcia

On April 15 during lunch in room 907, International Baccalau- reate (IB) Math Studies, Financial Algebra, Integrated Math 1, IB Math A&A SL teacher and Powder Puff Overlooking Advisor Christina Ada discuses what Powder Puff is. Girls interested in playing and learning more about participating in Powder Puff, fill Ada’s classroom.

On April 14, Bonita Vista High (BVH) announced that the annual Powder Puff game is being brought back to campus for any female juniors or seniors who would like to participate via email. Powder Puff is a “touch” also known as a flag football game for high school girls who wish to play football against other girls. 

International Baccalaureate (IB) Math Studies, Financial Algebra, Integrated Math 1, IB Math A&A Standard Level (SL) teacher Christina Ada held an informational meeting on April 15 during lunch in room 907 for any girls interested in playing or wanting to learn more about it. She explains how this meeting had a great turn out, as a lot of girls attended the meeting along with the first practice on April 24.

“It was neat to have so many people excited about it and wanting to participate. I’m hoping that we get a good crowd to come watch them,” Ada said.

According to Ada, Powder Puff was put on hold for the last two years due to COVID-19. Many of the girls joining the team expressed how they were excited to see its comeback to BVH. Moreover, they recognized the opportunity and joined the team as soon as possible—especially the seniors as they would not have this opportunity again.

“Freshman year, I remember seeing a flier about Powder Puff, but unfortunately it was only for juniors and seniors. That dreaded me because I had to wait until we could return from COVID-19,” senior Cris Sunguad said. “But, now it’s back and I’m super excited.”

For the two team’s coaching situation, Ada explains that they accumulated 12 boys from the  football team to volunteer and upperclassmen to help manage the game. Ada manages the Powder Puff team as a whole, but also helps girls’ varsity volleyball head coach Ahmad Rice and multimedia teacher and BVTV advisor Hugo Martinez. 

“Each grade has their own advisor. Mr. Rice is for the juniors and Mr. Martinez is the advisor for the seniors,” Ada said. “Since I’m the class advisor for both, I’m monitoring to make sure that the teams know all of the rules and that we can put on a good game.”

During the meeting, it was mentioned that due to multiple spring sports using the field after school for games and practices, the Powder Puff team has to hold practices during lunches. This brought up some concerns for the girls as it meant the practice is limited to 30 minutes.

“I’m a little upset about this, but our practices are during lunch. They are taking time out of our lunch during school hours to have practices so I can’t go see my friends, but I understand why,” Sunguad said.

At each practice, Ada explains how the student volunteers are the ones mainly coaching the girls from their experience of playing football and having connections with their fellow peers. She emphasizes how they proved their coaching skills to the staff and is pleased to see how well the team works together.

“Today was the first practice and I was impressed with the junior coaches. They were organized. They knew how they wanted to split the girls and had a practice plan. It was cool to see that leadership from them,” Ada said.

Junior Haydée Arancibia-Hardwick is one of the girls who decided to join the Powder Puff team. Alongside this sport, she is on the girls’ varsity basketball and the girls’ varsity volleyball team. With this in mind, Arancibia-Hardwick expresses how she wanted to join Powder Puff during her junior and senior year to uplift herself as an athlete, while also trying something new. 

“I plan on joining next year, but it depends when the season is because it might interfere with other sports I’m in,” Arancibia-Hardwick said. “I want to do it because it will be a fun contrast to the seriousness of the other sports I do, and I might get better as an athlete.”

Even though the Powder Puff team this year is made for just one game, Ada mentions how flag football is in the process of becoming an official California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) so that they have an official season playing as a proper team. She expresses how this year is just the start of Powder Puff and it will continue to grow in the BVH community.

“We’re hoping to have a good crowd, especially underclassmen so that they know what to look forward to in the future years,” Ada said. “There is going to be an official flag football team next year for them to join. I hope it pulls through and more students join each year trying something new.”