Green Team plans to undergo campus beautification project


Mathias Medel

Senior Ruby Rodriguez sits on Green Team’s newly installed benches outside AP Art History teacher James Goodwin’s classroom on Monday, Dec. 2nd, 2019.


As the school year progresses, the Green Team continues to conduct their work in the halls of Bonita Vista High (BVH). Currently, the club, along with BVH assistant principal Carlos Siragusa, is planning to undergo a campus beautification project that would institute a garden of native San Diego plants in the heart of the campus. Siragusa was unavailable to comment.

“The main goal is to plant native plants that are endemic to San Diego,” senior and Green Team Vice President Ivana Bobadilla said. “[While] those kinds of plants tend to be more expensive, we want to plant things that should be in the city.” 

The garden is envisioned to take place in front of the main office where teachers, students and other school faculty would be able to grow their own plants and experience the pleasure of gardening. While teacher Jennifer Eikstein is the club advisor for Green Team, she did not comment on the matter because she claimed it was student-led. The club believes that the garden would have a great impact on the liveliness of the school, attracting students and staff members alike to enjoy the therapeutic delight of nature and vegetation. 

“It would look really nice in that bare spot, and I think it would be nice for staff members and students to go out there and enjoy [the garden] for a little. It’s just a pleasant addition of nature to our campus,” Green Team President and senior Lillian Landre said.

As mentioned by Bobadilla, the anticipated plants will cost a significant amount of money. Landre, however, is arranging several fundraisers that would sufficiently fund the garden in an attempt to complete the design by the end of the year.

“We’re currently working on a craft fair where [Green Team] is independently working with each other to make things such as paintings,” Bobadilla said. “Also, our president is making plastic earrings that would sell with the [paintings].”

While there is no specificity over how long the project will take, Green Team wants to continue to make themselves heard around the school. Additionally, they believe that their current work will inspire other clubs to engage in the school’s life away from the classroom. 

“I think that by establishing this project, people will appreciate the student organization that we have on our team. We want to show people that we can do something that’s nice for the school and that the administration does not have to take care of everything. As a result, we are setting a precedent for future clubs who want to engage in their own activities and create something that’s good for [the] school,” Bobadilla said.