Pumpkin patch palooza

Kieler Muller stars in Bonita Pumpkin Patch concert

A melody travelled from her vocal cords while her fingers ran across the piano keys and an audience listened intently and cheered at her performance. Cars lined up trying to find parking, long lines full of people waited and the heat from the sun glazed on the shoulders of those who filled the vicinity. On Oct. 17, Bonita Vista High (BVH) sophomore Kieler Muller was invited to sing and perform a miniature concert at the Pumpkin Patch Bonita.

Furthermore, Kieler Muller describes that it was not her idea to set up a mini concert at the Pumpkin Patch Bonita. Two weeks prior to the event she was at the location with her friends, when Kerie Muller presented the idea of performing. However, Kieler Muller was very open to the idea, as she has not been able to perform in front of an audience since the pandemic escalated.

BVH Kieler Muller sings at the Pumpkin Patch in Bonita. Muller hopes that when the pandemic resides, she will be able to perform in front of an audience more often. (Yealin Lee)

“She was super excited, and we had to see if we could make it happen. The Pumpkin Patch was so kind; they were all about supporting youth in the community,” Kerie Muller said.


Sophomore Estella Krivoshia, a close friend and audience member, found the performance emotional for her because she felt Kieler Muller singing from the heart. Krivoshia expresses that this was the first time seeing Kieler Muller sing on her own; she also felt that it was interesting to see how strangers would interact with Kieler Muller.

“I could tell she picked songs [“Anna” by Harry Styles] she really loves and enjoys singing. She is also passionate when she sings,” Krivoshia said.

Kieler Muller started singing when she was three years old. She would go around humming songs, even when she could not pronounce or understand what the song was saying. From an early age she was surrounded by music, due to her mom, Kerie Muller, and her brother who were both fond of music.

“We were involved in community theater and she [Kieler Muller] would watch us during rehearsals and sing along with all the songs. She was quick to say that she wanted to be in the BVH musical. The very next year she auditioned, and [she’s been a part of the musical] since then,” Kerie Muller said.

Kieler Muller expressed that she is very passionate about music, and it is the only thing she sees herself pursuing. According to Kieler Muller, when she sings and performs, it gives her a rush and an amazing feeling she cannot describe in words.

“I was proud of myself for what I did, and putting myself out there, but [singing is] also wonderful in general, and how a song can make you feel crazy,” Kieler Muller said.

Kerie Muller states how supportive her family is to each other and in whatever Kieler chooses to do. Since Kieler Muller has a passion for singing, her family makes sure that she has everything she needs in order to have a successful performance. For instance, during the mini concert at the Pumpkin Patch Bonita, Kerie Muller wanted Kieler Muller to have shade, so they bought her a canopy. In addition, after the concert they realized that they needed an amplifier to hear the piano better, so they bought that for her too.

“[Kieler Muller’s family] encourages her to do whatever she wants so she does not have any regrets about it. If she attempts to do something, but fails, she can at least say she tried. She is very independent, but whatever she needs we will make sure she has,” Kiere Muller said.

Moreover, Kieler Muller has struggled in the past with her confidence, and being true to herself when performing. She is working to engage more with the audience, and getting out of her comfort zone.

“A lot of the times in the past, when I performed I would get so nervous that I just sang the song and that would be it. I definitely think it’s important to practice and to put [myself] out there more. It’s so wonderful once [I] really just go for it,” Kieler Muller said.

Kerie Muller describes Kieler Muller being able to perform at the mini concert as a relief. Kieler Muller’s family has an area in the house with a backdrop set up, so she is able to perform. However Kerie Muller expressed how it’s not the same without an audience.This opportunity has made the Muller family feel more normal ever since the pandemic has started. The Muller family was used to going out and watching Kieler Muller perform. Kerie Muller also states how Kieler Muller not being able to perform has affected her mental health negatively.

“She [Kieler Muller] is so used to performing all the time, so it [quarantine] has been very hard on her. She does sing at church but it is not the same thing for her because it’s not the kind of music she likes to sing,” Kerie Muller said.

Kieler Muller encourages others to pursue a big dream or passion they have about something and to not be afraid to challenge oneself because “taking chances is what makes you human.” 

Kieler Muller has already inspired one of her closest friends, Krivishia who found Kieler Muller’s confidence as “motivating for other people to do the same thing, including myself.”

“Music and performing makes [one] feel really vulnerable. I think it’s a hard thing to feel, especially when it comes to sharing that part of [oneself] with other people. I love [how powerful] music because of its ability to make [one] feel all these emotions. It also depends on what song [one is] going to sing; [one] can’t really perform a song if [they’re] not feeling what the lyrics are saying,” Kieler Muller said.

Correction: Nov. 24, 2020

An earlier version of this article used the incorrect name in the secondary headline. Kieler Muller was the star of the concert, not Kerie Muller.