Student safety in BVH amidst COVID-19 pandemic

BVH implements student safety protocols for students back on campus


All students and staff members will be subject to a health screening at this station during Phase 1 of reopening. The school nurse is responsible for carrying out these screenings.

After remaining void of students for months, the Bonita Vista High (BVH) campus is welcoming back its first wave of students. Currently, small groups of struggling students are returning to campus for hybrid instructional time with volunteer teachers as a part of Phase 1 of reopening, which began on Nov. 5. Other students, including students involved in the Associated Student Body (ASB), have been utilizing the campus before Nov. 5. Depending on the activity, different locations of the campus are being used, however, the safety protocols are the same for all.

As of Nov. 17, 40 BVH students are participating in hybrid learning and 47 BVH teachers are working onsite. The Sweetwater Union High School District has been updating their website with data on campuses that have been reopening. Upon their arrival to the campus, individuals must undergo a health screening with the school nurse where their temperature is taken. Hand sanitizer is offered in various locations throughout the campus.

According to the San Diego County Office of Education’s update on the “Mandatory Use of Face Coverings for Students” from July 17, “Face coverings are required to be worn by students in grades 3 through 12 on campus, particularly in indoor environments, on school buses and areas where physical distancing alone is not sufficient to prevent disease transmission.”

Furthermore, in SUHSD’s reopening plan, the following guidelines were outlined for mask use when on campus:

“Face coverings are recommended to have the following qualities:

  1. Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face.
  2. Be secured with ties or ear loops.
  3. Include multiple layers of fabric.
  4. Allow for breathing without restriction.
  5. Be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to the shape.”

The district will also provide face coverings to students “unable to provide their own.”

Additionally, handwashing stations will be made available throughout the campus, and all areas used for educational purposes will be sanitized before and after use. According to the SUHSD Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Sweetwater Educators Association (SEA), “No eating or drinking will be permitted at session stations. Students and staff can take a break away from the group (at least 6 feet from the group) to take a mask/water break.”

SUHSD has given no further indication on whether BVH will increase in-person learning at the start of the second semester. On Nov. 30, SUHSD plans to announce this decision.