Baron’s Speak:

Read this issue’s Baron’s Speak to glean four different perspectives, from four different BVH students, about one topic. In light of the continuing pandemic and distance learning, four students answered the question, “How do you keep yourself motivated?”

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Aidan Omelina, freshman (photo provided by Aidan Omelina)



“I keep myself motivated in a few ways. I try to keep myself busy whether it be school work, extracurriculars or anything else. I also remind myself that I have to stay on top of my work because falling behind will affect me once we are back in person, so staying motivated now will help me in the future.”





Cesca Catibog, sophomore (photo provided by Cesca Catibog)





“I keep myself motivated by setting mini goals that I know I can accomplish. I also keep myself motivated by going boxing five to six times a week, which helps me clear [my] mind.”







Tannya Meza, junior (photo provided by Tannya Meza)





“I keep myself motivated by having a mindset in which I believe everything I do now will benefit me in the future. For instance, it has been hard to be motivated when it comes to online school, but I just try to think about how staying on track and having good grades will help me get into a good college.”




Dillan Busk, senior (photo provided by Dillan Busk)





“I’d say that I’m able to keep myself motivated by adhering to a schedule. Emulating our normal school schedule has allowed me to stay motivated in class and keep learning as if we were in the classroom.”