Titans spiked out Lady Barons

BVH’s girls’ volleyball lose to EHS rivals, 1-3


Anaissa Del Rio

#8 Hayley Frushon uses a forearm pass to get the ball over the net. Her teammates stand ready beside her during the fourth set.

Crowds cheering, fans booing and people stomping their feet on the bleachers; the eager audience and tense atmosphere is felt across the gym. Players have their hands on their knees, staring intently at the opposing team’s players across the net—all in the effort of making sure the ball does not touch their side of the court floor.  

On Wednesday, October 13, the Bonita Vista High (BVH) girls’ varsity volleyball team played a competitive game against school rival Eastlake High (EHS). In hopes of setting the tone for the rest game, the team fought through a long and stressful first set, winning 32-30.

Many students from BVH came to support the girls’ varsity volleyball team, even when hosted at rival’s gym. The support of the BVH students encouraged the girls whenever they scored. This kept the gym lively as the intense game continued. 

The second set continues. After some hits with a continuation of small mistakes, the girls go on streaks of not being able to score throughout the setthe score ending 25-12.

Additionally, as they finished the third set, the score was 25-8.

Fourth and final set settled at the score of 25-8 again. This meant that the final score of the game was 1-3.

“We just need to focus on staying disciplined and not giving up on our own responsibilities,” Outside Hitter, Middle Blocker and senior Keely Larson said. “Everyone needs to keep doing what they are doing and make sure to go after every ball aggressively.”

After the game, the girls’ coach did an overview of the game and discussed what they could have done better. The girls shared their thoughts and words of encouragement to keep the team’s spirits high.

“When we would mess up our passes, we would all try to get it done better the next time,” Outside Hitter and junior Maria Coronado said, during the team huddle.

The girls’ volleyball team’s next game will be taking place at Otay Ranch High on Friday, October 15 at 4:30pm.

“For the next game, I need to improve on staying consistent for my team,” Larson said. “Keeping my energy consistent and keeping the team consistent is very important. [It’s] key for winning our games.”