Teacher’s Say

How do you feel about Governor Newsom’s vaccine mandate for people attending in-person school?

Lauralai Gilbert and Jaime Jazo

Every issue, the Crusader asks several BVH teachers a question about a topic that is valuable to the BVH community. Governor Newsom plans to require those who attended in-person to be vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccine would be one of the few other mandatory vaccines students in grades K-6 and 7-12 would have to take. We decided to ask teachers about their opinions on how they feel about Governor Newsom’s vaccine mandate for people attending in-person school.



Math Analysis and Approaches International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level 1 (HL) and Integrated Math 2 teacher Christina Hernandez. (Jaime Jazo )

“I definitely think [getting vaccinated] should be up to the parents and students. I understand it [would eventually be] mandatory, but some students and parents are going to feel pressure to get the vaccine when they might not want to and that sucks. Overall, it’s a hard decision to make.”





English 10 Accelerated and English 12 teacher Sean Warlop. (Jaime Jazo )

“We get vaccines for so many other things: measles, rubella, and tetanus. If this mandate is for the betterment of everybody, I think we should do it. I believe it would be the best thing for the people, not just for the individual, but [also] society in general so that we can get back to some sense of normalcy.”




Spanish 3-4 and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) teacher Jessica Vargas. (Lauralai Gilbert)

“I trust the vaccine. I have had a tough couple of years with three children at home and [being] a teacher. I do believe it’s the safest way for us to get back to some normalcy. The last thing I’ll say about my agreement on the mandated vaccines is that we already have mandated vaccines. I am pro mandate.”




English 9 Accelerated teacher Daniel Wasson. (Lauralai Gilbert )

“I am a big fan. This [the vaccine] takes a lot of pressure off individual school districts. It does a lot to ensure that all students are [able to] come to school and not get infected. I support it. I wish they could do it [pass the mandate] faster.”