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Jaime Jazo, Features Editor

I am a senior at Bonita Vista High School and this is my second year on staff. I joined newspaper in order to achieve my full potential with my writing skills and surround myself with a hardworking and affectionate community.  The fact that we have the ability to give voices to the voiceless is why I admire newspaper.  Outside of extracurricular, I am a member of the Task Force 2022 as well as our school’s Mock Trial Team.

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On Dec. 1 2021 K-pop boy group BTS performed at the SoFi Stadium as a part of a series of concerts called BTS Permission to Dance on Stage - LA. Many fans brought with them lightsticks which coordinated with the lighting effects of the groups performance.

A new wave

July 15, 2022
At Bonita Vista High in Adrienne Marriott’s Earth studies class, Yosuke Hashimodo and his team debate wether people should get the human papillomavirus vaccine. Hashimodo’s host student is Michelle MacGaffey.

Cultural exchanges

January 27, 2022
On Jan. 20, Speech and Debate students work in preparation for an upcoming tournament. The students work in room 209 due to the absence of their teacher.

No debate on well-being

January 23, 2022
Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology teacher David Economou.

[Photo] Teacher’s Say

January 22, 2022

Teacher’s Say

November 3, 2021
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Co-President and senior Stella Capetanakis conducts a GSA weekly meeting  on Oct. 14 at Bonita Vista Highs Bolles Theater. The club provides a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community and sheds a light on different topics educating on LGBTQ+.

Rainbow representation

October 21, 2021
On Wednesday, Sept. 15, two police vehicles were present near Bonita Vista Highs (BVH) gym. Two police officers were in communication with BVH Assistant Principal Carlos Siragusa and a student.

Another contagion spreads

September 16, 2021
Before the COVID-19 Pandemic and distance learning, a high grade, such as an A, took a long and treacherous journey to achieve. Now, due to a more lenient grading system, the journey is easier.

An easy A

June 6, 2021
Club Blue member Alexis Garcia playing the euphonium through the specialized mask. Club Blue practices just outside the band room.

Don’t be blue

May 25, 2021
Pickwick Club co-President sophomore Giselle Geering reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen before going to sleep.
Geering is reading in preparation for the next Pickwick Club meeting. The club meets on Mondays at 12:20pm.

Hitting the books

March 26, 2021
Anime Club hosts a movie night in their discord home theatre for a club activity. Students tune into the movie Howl’s Moving Castle.

[Photo] It’s animazing

December 22, 2020
International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP) and Accelerated Biology teacher Michelle Mardahl-Dumesnil, Ph.D. presents an instructional video to her freshmen Accelerated Biology class.

Like never before

November 22, 2020
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