Baron’s Speak

Read this issue’s Baron’s Speak to glean four different perspectives, from four different BVH students, about one topic. In light of students frequently using Public Display of Affection in school, four students answered the question, “How do you feel about Public Display of Affection?”

Grace Na and Maddie Almodovar

How do you feel about Public Display of Affection?

Michelle MacGaffey, freshman




“Personally, in my opinion, I don’t like PDA because it’s more like, do that on your own time and don’t do it in a public environment and it does make people uncomfortable. Especially during lunch, so that’s kind of my opinion on it. “







Alexander Roman, sophomore



“I think that we come here to school to learn. We have classes that we need to take and take initiative because, again, we come here as students to learn. [I think] it [PDA] is okay if you do it on your own time and if it is appropriate, but doing it here at a school campus isn’t probably the best thing to do. You need to focus on your schoolwork and be the best student you can possibly be by having or taking the initiative, it’ll better benefit you in the future.”




Caleb Gonzalez, junior





“I do it [PDA] a lot, I have been since eighth grade, so I’m fine with it. I don’t really see a problem with it. I consider myself biased since I am in a relationship and I do PDA all the time. From [my point of view], I’m okay with it.”






Frank Lopez, senior




“It bothers me. I see it around everywhere, down the halls, kissing, which is fair; it’s high school. I would say it’s cool, but there is a time and a place for everything. I’d be walking and they’re in the way, so it’s uncomfortable to see, but I don’t mind if you’re holding hands or kissing goodbye. It gets really annoying if you see it every single day and it’s in your face. “