“Red lights, stop signs”

Finding my place behind the wheel


Laurinne Eugenio

Getting my driver’s license allowed me to become more mature and mindful of my time management skills.

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief

“I got my driver’s license last week / Just like we always talked about.” 

Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License played on the radio while I was sitting in the driver’s seat of the car. 

In contrast to Olivia, I did not get my license last week, I got it about three weeks ago. As an 18-year old, the process of getting my license was fairly quick, I got my permit two days before taking my behind-the-wheel road test.  

Prior to getting my license, I would constantly pester my mom, asking her to drive a little bit faster so I would not be late. 

I was always running late. I would see the sun rising as I hopped in the car, and would regularly receive texts from my friend asking, “Where are you?” as soon as the bell would ring.

After school, I would arrive home at varied times due to after-school Speech and Debate workshops, Mock Trial practices and Newspaper late labs. Inevitably, I would interrupt my mom’s rest at home after an exhausting day of work. I would ask her to pick me up from school or at the Starbucks in the shopping center across the street. I felt like an inconvenience—a burden. 

Now, I drive to school every morning and take myself home after school. With this privilege, I have matured, as I’m able to be more mindful of my time management and other responsibilities.  

Whenever I leave the house now, the sky still appears dark. Since I get to the school campus early, I have ample time to find parking and not be late to my zero-period class. 

Arriving on campus, I would see my friends waiting to greet me in the quad and when they saw me come to school early, they would sarcastically remark, “Wow, Laurinne’s here early.” I would nod in acknowledgment as I reminisced instances relating to my past lateness.

Getting off the driver’s seat, I realized that getting my license is a privilege that I must cherish. ”

— Laurinne Eugenio

After school, I have the opportunity to take myself home at whatever time I finish with my after-school activities. I no longer have to bother my mother to pick me up. I felt relieved knowing that it would not inconvenience my mom from her needed relaxation from work. 

Getting off the driver’s seat, I realized that getting my license is a privilege that I must cherish. My parents granted me their trust so I must do my best to not defy it. Beyond that, this privilege has transformed me into a more responsible student and daughter. 

Going forward, I’m excited to take more adventures with my car while blasting Olivia Rodrigo’s songs on the radio. Maybe one day, I’ll go on “Car rides to Malibu” enjoying my “Strawberry ice cream.”