Ep. 14 College application advice from two top ranking university-bound BVH students

Welcome back Barons! In this episode, Managing Editor Yealin Lee and News Editor Melina Ramirez interview two students who were accepted into Harvard and Stanford. Here, we discuss what the experience was like for seniors Laurinne Eugenio and Xavier Millan when applying to these universities, their hardships in high schools and advice for the upcoming college applicants. They get honest with their regrets, their accomplishments and reflect on their four year journey. 

We, the Crusader, know that the college application process may be stressful to some. Therefore, we are providing a peek into others’ experiences to help you understand that you are not alone in this journey.


Podcast Managers:

Nadia Martinez

Jose Solis

Stephanie Lomeli



Managing Editor: Yealin Lee

News Editor: Melina Ramirez



Harvard acceptance: Laurinne Eugenio

Stanford acceptance: Xavier Millan