BVH students style up for spirit week


Eliza Noblejas and Grace Na

Students walk through the hallways of Bonita Vista High (BVH), showing off their decades-inspired outfits to show school spirit. Spirit week is when students have the opportunity to dress up depending on the theme of the day, have fun and show school pride. Furthermore, spirit week allows for students to be more connected with the school. 

“To me, spirit week is an opportunity for creative expression among students and allows students to tap into their imaginations,” sophomore Lyra Rhoades said.

From April 18 to April 22, the BVH Associated Student Body (ASB) decided to hold a ‘Morp Decades Spirit Week,’ where students would dress up in different decades each day—Monday being the 1950s, Tuesday being the 1960s and so on.

Personally, spirit week always has a really special place in my heart because I feel like it’s fun to dress up and participate.”

— Sophomore Sofia Gullien

The spirit week focused on the early decades, which might have troubled students to find clothing that matched the theme. However, this did not stop them from finding inspiration in their closet to sort out an outfit. Rhoades explained that using the social media app Pinterest to find an outfit for each decade was helpful. 

“My mother is into costumes and at my house, we have a big closet full of costume materials. I can look in there and immediately have many options of what to wear,” Rhoades said. 

Despite the fact that Rhoades usually does not participate in spirit weeks, she exclaimed that on Friday, the day focused on the 90s, she had the perfect opportunity to showcase her inspired outfit. 

“I usually only participate if I have materials or want to. On Friday, I chose to because I already had Cher’s [outfit] from the movie ‘Clueless’. I really like this movie, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear it!” Rhoades exclaimed.

In addition to showing off creative outfits and school spirit, sophomore Sofia Gullien is another student who gave an interest in the Morp Decades spirit week. She also saw multiple people who had a great time creating outfits for each day.

“For the 60’s, I asked my grandparents, because they were in their 20’s [during that decade], and my grandma helped pick out my outfit. For the 80’s, my mom helped me pick out an outfit. I usually either look online or ask people,” Gullien said. 

When given the opportunity to dress up and participate in spirit week, the majority of BVH’s students and staff members would rather not participate. Although dressing up for spirit week is not mandatory, junior Kian Torres believes that by participating, it would encourage students and staff to feel proud of the community they are part of.

“I don’t see a lot of students dressing up for spirit week. I think they don’t dress up because they don’t think it’s necessary to dress up to show school spirit, but it is needed to make it more enjoyable,” Torres said.  

Overall, students such as Rhoades and Torres believe that spirit week is important to BVH’s culture. Holding spirit weeks allows students to share outfit ideas, letting students create bonds with one another through fashion and art

“​​I would encourage students and staff to do whatever they feel comfortable with because I know I don’t always dress up. However, spirit weeks are very entertaining and enjoyable. They just make the school environment feel more fun,” Rhoades said. 

On the other hand, Gullien explains that she participates in most spirit weeks. This is due to the fact that once she is out of high school, she would not be able to experience the moments she has had during BVH’s spirit weeks. Gullien believes that spirit weeks bring us all together.

“Personally, spirit week always has a really special place in my heart because I feel like it’s fun to dress up and participate. It’s definitely something that you don’t get to do once you graduate from high school, or when you don’t go to school anymore,” Gullien said.