BVH traffic creates mayhem

The BVH traffic controls and how they’re taken into measure

Sara Salgado-Garcia, Staff Artist

At Bonita Vista High (BVH), traffic gets backed up past the stop light and is a bigger issue with the construction. There have been a lot of traffic control issues in the parking lot. Car users get frustrated and impatient with the traffic, despite BVH staff members controlling the traffic. The parents will honk their horns and cut others off. The traffic controls taken into action include the assistant principal and campus assistant directing the cars, as well as the stop and slow signs directing the traffic.

There are many factors playing into traffic at BVH. This has caused frustrated parents and students in the busy mornings and afternoons. (Lauralai Gilbert)

As BVH is constructing a new stadium, this affects the traffic on campus, during the morning and afternoon, which can impact the students’ and parents’ schedule. Students could be late to school and parents could be running late to work due to the increased traffic in the parking lot. 

According to School traffic control plans by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, “some of the problems affecting the area included traffic congestion during pick-up and drop-off areas and unsafe pedestrian crossings.”

Many experiences with on-going traffic have been horrible this year, the congestion is stressful and the drivers get rowdy. Although BVH’s Assistant Principal (AP) and campus assistants try their best to alleviate the traffic, improvement of the heavy traffic is nowhere to be seen. It is difficult for students to find the right time to leave campus, since the traffic flow varies everyday.

Furthermore, many people have found their rhythm in the morning. This means leaving your house earlier may be the only possible solution for the morning traffic, which ends up being a hassle. It can interfere with parents schedules and means some students will have to change their sleeping schedules to wake up early.

On the contrary, in the afternoon, traffic seems to be a larger issue. The parents must wait until their kids are let out of their classes and make their way to the parking lot. The after school parking lot wait has been getting worse, this is the mixture of one’s impatience of the traffic and the summer heat. 

This has even resulted in car accidents as parents are barely leaving the parking lot. In an accident the front bumper of a minivan was ripped off by a truck as the minivan driver merged right into the side of a driver’s truck.

Although many students have found their rhythm in this school year’s morning routine, many students have found it very frustrating, considering the factors that they have tried getting to class on time but it just never seems to work out because of this ongoing traffic issue.

We all have taken the last few months with extra patience and understanding of the situation of the new stadium being built. The finishing date is supposed to be coming up soon in October, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. This whole traffic situation has brought stress, impatience and anxiety to many parents and students.

The students and parents already endure much stress throughout the school year, this traffic has just been another weight added. Now, parents stress about the traffic because they are worried they will be late for work.

The traffic should be better by the end of this semester with the stadium finally being finished after a long wait. As students continue to maintain their patience as this year comes to an end, the school year will end much faster than they think.