Students set the standards

A look into the decision-making process of Baron of the Day


Stephanie Liang

A student wearing a transparent Baron mascot mask is standing in front of a row of desks. Behind the desks are more students who are looking at the “Baron of the Day” at the front.

Mayah Cerecer, Opinion Copy Editor

Everytime the morning announcements are shared over the microphone, the well known chime brings a certain ambiance to Bonita Vista High (BVH). Baron of the Day is a chance for students to be recognized by the school for their academic achievements. Whether it be getting straight As or balancing both an academic and athletic life, this recognition encourages students to achieve their best. However, Baron of the Day ensures that all students at BVH are acknowledged and rewarded for their efforts. 

“I think it’s important that we recognize people’s contributions to our school community, including our athletics and our extracurriculars. It just helps to have people feel seen and feel valued,” Advanced Placement US History and Intro to Ethics teacher, Don Dumas said. 

Behind the scenes of Baron of the Day there is the Associated Student Body (ASB) committee. The ASB not only handles the nomination process but also chooses which students are picked. 

“You [students and teachers] nominate someone… then ASB has a committee that selects from the many different nominations that they [ASB] get a day,” Dumas said.

It encourages positivity within the students and above all sets the standard for what we [BVH] are about”

— Assistant Principal of Student Activities and advisor for ASB, Christopher Alvarez

Assistant Principal of Student Activities and advisor for ASB, Christopher Alvarez expressed that he is “the light behind the stars.” This signifies that he doesn’t coordinate that part of the ASB’s duties, leaving this portion to be student run.

The ASB has denied multiple requests from the Crusader for an interview regarding information on Baron of the Day.

We [ASB commissioners] collectively decided that it is probably best that we are not interviewed due to certain complications,” ASB member and senior Alexa Fakhimi said in an email.

For over a decade BVH has experienced Baron of the Day, a tradition that is ever adapting. Alvarez affirms that students used to be rewarded with the title “Baron of the Day” based solely on academic merit. Contributing to its changing ways, now the qualifications range from club achievements to sports achievements. 

Students are recognized for their efforts throughout BVH in morning announcements. At fifth period, ASB members deliver a certificate acknowledging their achievements. According to Dumas, the certificate results in a positive response from peers when watching the Baron of the Day receive their certificate.

To Alvarez, the Baron of the Day creates an atmosphere that is deemed important by students and staff alike. Additionally, the positive impact that Baron of the Day prompts includes acknowledging students, but also encouraging positive energy from students. 

“Whether it be extracurricular activity, or [a student is] a band member [they] feel seen and validated as well,” Don Dumas stated. 

Aligned with the thoughts of previous Baron of the Day and senior Abby Winthrow, students and teachers alike are affected by who gets picked to be Baron of the Day. If a student gets excited then their friends and people around them will too. 

“It encourages positivity within the students and above all sets the standard for what we [BVH] are about,” Alvarez stated.