Changes in compact for success

Mayah Cerecer, Opinion Copy Editor

The program between the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) and San Diego State University (SDSU), Compact for Success, has been implemented for over 20 years. Since the early 2000s, there has been little to no change in the program. Recently, guidelines regarding the requirements for eligibility have been updated, raising speculation of the program becoming unavailable for students after the class of 2024 in the SUHSD. 

The Compact for Success program was made to increase opportunities for students to pursue a higher education. As it has for many years, the Compact for Success program will continue until the class of 2024. However, “SDSU is currently in discussions with the Sweetwater Union High School District about having a similar program in place for the class of 2025 and beyond,” SDSU Senior Media Relations Officer Lainie Fraser said. It is not certain that students who are a part of the class of 2025 and beyond will have a program in their future. 

“The university is awaiting the release of California State University (CSU) systemwide admissions policies for 2025, which are needed prior to formalizing any new agreements for extending guaranteed admission,” Fraser said. 

Compact for Success is not only changing for classes of 2025 and after, but also for the class of 2022. The updated guidelines range from changing the grade point average requirements to SAT and ACT becoming optional, according to Outreach Coordinator for the Center for Educational Partnership Outreach and Success Angel Rocha.

Weighing in on these changes were the SUHSD community’s input.“The process involved hundreds of SDSU students, faculty and staff, as well as K-12 and regional community college partners, including Sweetwater Union High School District,” Fraser said. As a collective society and group of students, the Compact for Success program has changed.