BVH girls’ volleyball serves their way into victory

The game ended 3-0, marking the Bonita Vista High (BVH) girls’ varsity volleyball team’s first win of the 2022-23 season. The team huddles up and celebrates their success as the roar of the crowd echos through the gym. (Jechaenna Velazco)

As the crowd gets louder and louder, fans feel the bleachers shaking from side to side. Loud screams and barking from Dog Pound, the school’s new spirit club, and all students sitting in the student section can be heard from the parking lot outside. The opposing teams’ fans chanting and booing at the other teams’ fans as sweat drips down from each player as they make sure not to blink so they can see where the ball goes next.  

Ultimately on Aug 23, Bonita Vista High’s (BVH) girls’ varsity volleyball played against University City High (UCH). A home game at the BVH gym, where BVH students wore cowboy gear to show their school spirit. The Lady Barons, who won each set, successfully left with a score of 3-0.

To start off the game, the first point was scored by UCH. Then BVH scored their first point, and set the tone for the rest of the game. After a while of points going back and forth, BVH got a lead of 13-8 in the first set, prompting the opposing team to call a timeout and recollect. UCH had made a comeback and scored 10 points, tying up the first set 24-24, making it a close call by scoring and almost winning. BVH ended up winning the first set 26-24 with Setter, Hitter and senior Jaiden Mojica (3) scoring the last point.

“We started with some pre-game hype. We had music playing and did our cheer [to prepare] before the game. [It is a] thing we do every time,” Mojica said.

BVH was the first to score in the second set, giving them a lead of 6-2. After a long battle, Opposite Hitter and senior Alina Inzunza (1) strikes the ball down towards the opposing team scoring a point, causing the crowd to go wild. UCH ends up making a timeout at 14-10 to regather due to this play. Another long round goes and UCH catches up to BVH at 24-22. 

During the next play, the ball hits the roof on the opposing team’s side, helping them recover and scoring 24-23. The crowd becomes angry and starts yelling in frustration at them for catching up. Then BVH pulls it off in the second set with a score of 25-23.

“I was worried just a little bit [after the opposing team had caught up], but I knew in the end we were able to pull it together and we would end up winning the second set,” Mojica said.

Going into the last and final set, BVH started with a lead of 10-14. The crowd got louder and louder, motivating the team to a lead of 19-11. Outside Hitter and freshman, Leah Letuli (2) helped make plays and perfect sets for her teammates.

“It feels great. It definitely has been a scary but fun process. I was struggling at the start but I can’t wait to see how much I improve,” Letuli said. 

The clock was ticking and BVH was only a few hits away from winning their first game. The crowd screams and chants to motivate their team, keeping the spirit high. Outside hitter and  senior, Maria Coronado (11), closed the last set, winning the third and final set, 25-11. 

“Great job to the girls, and huge thanks to the crowd–I loved the crowd for sure. I am happy with their performance tonight and the idea is to get better each time we touch the court,” varsity volleyball coach Ahmad Rice said.