Boys’ volleyball hits the weightroom

Team trains for upcoming season

Junior Kevin Ituriaga works on building his bicep muscles by completing “bar curls”. This took place during BVH’s boys volleyball preseason strength and training camp. (Mayah Cercer)

There was a certain ambiance when entering the boys’ volleyball preseason strength and training camp. The athletes were smiling, laughing and most of all, they appeared to be enjoying the workouts

The camp consisted of the athletes building up body strength by participating in various exercises coordinated by Bonita Vista High’s (BVH) boys’ volleyball Coach, Luis Contreras. Currently, the camp is being held throughout October every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, in BVH’s weight room. The access to the weight room allows the team members to conduct many individual exercises including bar curls and dumbbell pullovers, allowing them to build muscle and coordination along the way. 

To Contreras, the purpose of the camp is to prepare and condition the team for tryouts. The event was held during the preseason in order to gain an advantage and strengthen the athletes’ bodies to be ready for the actual season. By working on different parts of their body every day at the camp, the athletes are able to refine their skills.

“[The camp’s purpose is] to get these boy’s bodies ready for volleyball, specifically working on certain parts of the body,” Contreras said. “They can improve on their jump, their agility, their ability to squat [and] their ability to block.The camp gives the athletes an advantage over other teams and allows the new recruits to build trust with both returning and new players. According to junior and volleyball player Kevin Ituriaga, the camp offers new recruits a chance to clear the awkwardness of the new season.

“Being here allows us to build relationships with each other and get to know each other by the time season starts,” Ituriaga expressed.  

Expressed by both Contreras and Ituriaga, building friendships with teammates is crucial to a successful season. It allows the athletes to build a foundation of trust with each other, therefore motivating each other throughout the season. 

Though, building a strong foundation does not minimize the difficulty of the camp itself, not only athletically but academically. The athletes are required to maintain a GPA higher than 2.0 in order to be eligible for recruitment and to preserve their place on the team. According to Contreras, athletes must find a balance between their sport and academic life which he believes are equally important. 

The sentiment of this preseason camp being essential for a successful season was expressed by both Contreras and the athletes alike, communicating that it permits the student athletes to be motivated throughout the season and create lifelong friendships.