Baron’s Speak, Issue 2

Read this issue’s Baron’s Speak to glean four different perspectives, from four different BVH students, about one topic. In light of students constantly exposed to social media, four students answered the question, “Do you feel as if (social) media accurately portrays high school?”


Diego Franco, freshman

“No, I feel like [media] centers around specific things. [Media] tries to make [high school] worse than it is; honestly, [I feel like] it’s not all that bad. Overall, a very small majority [accurately show high school].”








Isabel Torres, sophomore

“I think that social media does have a big impact on how people act, view each other, which is not very positive. I think [the media does portray high school accurately]. In some ways, the media has a lot of comparing themselves to people on the internet when [they] don’t show their true colors as people do in [high school].






Mikial Hodges, junior

“I feel like the [media] misleadingly portrays high school. Sometimes they’ll try to demonize high school, [but they] also glamorize [high school]. [There’s] focus on drugs [and other aspects] that not everyone is involved in. We don’t see the cliques and friend groups; instead, we’re shown the popular people or the people that do drugs. But, I will say that it’s gradually improving because more shows and movies focus on different groups of people in high school.”






Jaqueline Ruiz-Acosta, senior

“No, I think [media] underestimates the power that teens currently have and how our current generation tries to focus on social awareness. We might spend a lot of time on social media, but it’s stereotypical. [Teenagers] try to be more open and aware about our surroundings and our culture.”